Twatter Crisis: LPGA Star Deletes Her Twitter After Controversial Tweet Causes Confrontation

Danielle Kang is one of the LPGA stars that not only wins tournaments but also brings personality and charisma to the women’s side of golf. Her recent major win at the KPMG Women’s Open and her friendship with another star, Michelle Wie, set Kang apart.

Kang is the kind of golfer who turns her trophy into a big bowl of Pho, not unlike fellow golfer Rickie Fowler who recently used the Presidents Cup trophy as a hat. A laid-back attitude with the spirit to win is something the organization desperately needs.

So it’s unfortunate that she recently deleted her Twitter due to backlash from comments she made about the handling of dangerous weather at the McKayson New Zealand Women’s Open. Something multiple pros had issues with.

The since-deleted tweets are as follows:

The tweets are pretty harmless, but people always find ways to pick on other people’s opinions if they are unlike their own. We’ve seen that much too much this year. Well, apparently people started harping on Kang and decided that the whole thing wasn’t worth it.

She told Golfweek her reasoning for terminating her account:

 “Honestly because it was getting nowhere … and I’m just getting in arguments with people that are twisting/misunderstanding what I’m trying to say. Can’t portray what you’re intending on social media, so I had to delete it for my sake. These issues need to be addressed and the players need to be heard, and not just through social media.”

The incident comes off of another recent weather snafu when the LPGA shortened the Evian Championship to 54 holes. Many thought this was a demeaning act towards a women’s major championship, and at the New Zealand Open, they did the opposite.

Other pros tweeted their reactions about the situation with much harsher words than Kang.

The LPGA has come under fire for quite some time now with their not so great decision making under pressure. Now players are calling themselves “sheeps” with no voice, which is not a good look. Something needs to change, or they’ll keep losing fans with the loss of more Twitter accounts or players calling them out.

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