7 Reasons GTA V is Still One of the Highest Selling Games

Josh Challies

Four years after it’s initial release, Grand Theft Auto V is still near the top of the selling charts on a monthly basis and remains as one of the highest played games across all consoles – something that is relatively unheard of for a game away from PC.

On PC, popular games have remained for years but the sales market is different on consoles. Rather than regular updates, the general approach is to make a franchise and release on a yearly basis – as seen with the likes of FIFA, Call of Duty, Forza and more.

That is, of course, successful in itself but it leaves GTA V standing on it’s own as the king of long-lasting games. The key has largely been the extremely successful GTA Online but the platform built by Rockstar originates around the story content, a lot of which has been transferred in parts to the online game.

Simply identifying the online areas of the game is too easy a solution though, as games like Destiny 2 aim to have the longevity that GTA V has enjoyed, CLICKON Gaming delved back into the game once more to identify seven reasons why Rockstar’s masterpiece remains top of the pops.

Regular Updates

Every week or so, RockStar releases a new batch of updates for the game – with new cars, game modes and properties available yo buy on GTA Online. Whilst these updates haven’t reached the single player game, and now seem unlikely to, it means there is always something new on the horizon.

On top of this, the regular updates also see bonuses switched through the different game modes. Extra reputation (experience) and money is offered for playing in a different game mode every few weeks, which keeps things fresh for the player.

Range Of Activities

GTA V, and particularly GTA Online, offers a wealth of activities for a player to enjoy. Whether it be robbing banks, completing races, stealing cars, making and selling drugs of anything else, GTA has you covered and offers you plenty to do.

Able to enjoy both co-operative and competitive gaming, Grand Theft Auto V continues to keep a player on their toes and the regular updates mentioned above continue to bring new opportunities- including smuggling, weapons manufacturing and more.

Massive Online


In case you haven’t noticed, GTA Online is massive. Players can do what they like in free roam but must always be aware that there is likely another player just around the corner waiting for you with an RPG. That’s both a negative and a positive though, as sometimes it means you’ll struggle to do what you’re wanting.

With races, heists and head-to-head battles offered, there really is something for everyone – including the one person who continuously shoots you with a sniper rifle while you’re just going about your business. We hate that guy.

Superbly Remastered

First released in September 2013, over four years ago, GTA V successfully made the jump to next generation consoles with it’s re-release for PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. By far the biggest change was the introduction of a first-person mode, something the franchise has lacked in it’s past.

With the re-release offering something different with the first-person aspect, it gave the unwashed masses a reason to go out and buy the game again. Completing the story in first-person mode is an entirely different challenge and is one that many undertook.

Digital Marketplace

Love it or hate it, micro-transactions are part and parcel of modern gaming and GTA V has set the precedent. Offering free updates and no paid DLC, GTA V instead makes it’s money through ‘shark cards’ – which give your virtual currency a boost.

This means that’s dedicated players can jump right in and buy the new cars, properties or businesses that GTA Online offers but, crucially, it doesn’t change the flow of the game – as it’s completely possible to get everything without spending a penny. It’s unlike its competitors in that way too, as it hasn’t ventured into the areas where gamers are taking a chance on what they get in return.

Replayable Story

GTA V’s story, and the addition of a first-person mode that we’ve already mentioned, is one that can be enjoyed time and time again. Playing as three completely different, but thoroughly likeable, characters, there’s also alternative endings for players to experience.

Grand Theft Auto has often benefited from having a spectacular single-player campaign, as it’s what held the franchise up before the introduction of GTA Online, and Rockstar continues to keep their masterpiece close to their roots by offering the players a experience to remember.

Lack Of Competition

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of all, Grand Theft Auto benefits from a clear lack of competition. Whilst Saints Row is still going, the franchise has slipped in recent years – allowing GTA V to stand in an area of its own, without any threat to the crown.

It would be extremely difficult for any developer to break into the market that Rockstar has created all for itself and the bar is set far too high for anyone to take a risk. Unless Saints Row gets back on track, GTA will continue to stand high above the rest – and we like it just fine that way.

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