Wrestling’s Saviour: Interview With WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page

It’s easy to be hyperbolic when discussing legends of any sport or industry, but in this instance, it’s important to realise that Diamond Dallas Page is one of the most inspirational figures in all of professional wrestling.

You can dispute it or you can outright deny it, but that doesn’t make it any less true. From playing basketball to running a nightclub there was always one theme that ran throughout everything DDP did – and that was work ethic. He was determined to pile everything he had into any venture he entered into, and eventually, that drive pointed him in the direction of one of his lifelong passions: wrestling.

“Everything I do, I have a certain amount of pride for. There was a lot of people who told me that I inspired them to believe in themselves and get their lives on track when I was a wrestler. When you become a wrestler at 35 and your career takes off at 40, nobody believes in you.

But there are some people out there who watch how I did it, and I did it through intense work ethic. I helped people to realise it’s okay to make mistakes along the way, but what did you learn from that?”

We recently sat down and spoke with Dallas, in an interview that was pinpointed to be 20-30 minutes long and ended up going nearly an hour. That, in itself, highlights the kind of person that Page is and it showcases why at 61 years old he’s still changing the game.

Just hearing him speak made us want to get up and run ten miles because he enforces that drive within you. Sure, he was a multi-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion and sure he was an enjoyable figure in the WWE, but everyone within the wrestling business knows that his impact goes way beyond what happened inside the ropes.

‘DDP Yoga’ is a phrase that may make a couple people out there moan and groan, as they think that one of their childhood favourites sold out and decided to make a quick few quid in the health and fitness business.

“I’ve seen it [The Resurrection of Jake The Snake] about 100 times. I always take something different away from it, because I know people who have watched it 20+ times. It’s so powerful to see your mentor and one of your closest friends actually go through that transformation.

When we were filming this thing, how could you ever think he could get to this spot? Jake was going through the journey of overcoming the addiction and living with it.”



But they’d be so, so wrong. DDP Yoga is more than just your average workout routine, and whilst this may sound like some kind of ‘pitch’ it really isn’t. This institution of fitness has turned the lives of so many men and women around, to the point where wrestling legends have been on the verge of death and wound up completely revitalising their careers.

Names like Scott Hall and Chris Jericho have benefitted massively from the work that Dallas has done over the last few years, but the main success story has been that of Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts.

Instead of taking our word for it when it comes to just how emotionally satisfying his journey was, go and watch the documentary ‘The Resurrection of Jake The Snake’ on Netflix. It encompasses not only the career of an icon, but also the never give up dedication of the one and only Diamond Dallas Page.

“If you say ‘I can’t’ you’d better add on ‘yet’. Once you start to change that inner dialogue, things that would seem completely impossible become possible. Where will DDP be a year or three years from now? I’m gonna start working as an actor. I’ve already been doing it for years, but my first thing that’s gonna be big is going to blow people’s minds.”

As you’ll hear throughout our interview DDP has a million and one stories to tell the world, and we were honoured to sit back and listen. You often can’t put a price on the value of a performer in pro wrestling, and for Dallas, that couldn’t be more accurate.

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