5 Early Impressions as Forza 7 Brings Racing Back to Its Prime

Josh Challies

Forza 7 is here and, like numerous times in the past, Turn 10’s title stands as the flag-bearer for the new era of Xbox gaming – all of which is set to be taken to the next level in just over a month’s time with the release of the Xbox One X.

Since first blitzing to the Xbox console, Forza has become the go-to racing simulator on console, even overtaking the previously untouchable Grand Turismo on PlayStation, and has seen made waves in the more arcade-like versions of Horizon.

Forza 7 is the game where it’s supposed to be; beautiful to look at, a top-class racing simulator that puts you behind the wheel of some of the most powerful, and sometimes bizarre, machines on the planet – all while still being accessible to anyone new who wants to jump on board.

From the start, racing in either a new Porsche or a huge truck, Forza throws you right in at the deep end and it’s the best jumping on point that the game has ever handed us due to it’s racing career mode. There truly is something here for everyone.

After sinking our teeth into the game since it’s launch, we can safely say it’s a game you don’t want to miss – and that’s without having a glimpse of it’s beauty on 4K with the Xbox One X, which we’re now even more excited for than ever before.

It’s Beautiful

Are you surprised at all? Forza 7 is, like most of it’s predecessors, a beautiful game. Now though, with the introduction of dynamic weather and improved visuals, it’s like taking a step aside – except it’s warmer, more responsive and doesn’t fill our lungs with exhaust fumes.

It’s quite remarkable to look at this game and think it can still get better. We’ve been playing on a standard Xbox and won’t see the game in it’s full glory until our Xbox One X arrives next month (35 days, in case you were wondering). We get the feeling that when that happens, we’ll feel like we’ve already got our hands on the next addition of Forza.

Single Player Progression

Thankfully, there’s plenty to keep us going until the Xbox One X arrives. Forza 7 has improved on one of the biggest problems we’ve had in previous additions of the game, where it’s been difficult for us to motivate ourselves to get through races.

That problem is something we don’t have in Forza Horizon, for example, and something we last had way back in Forza 3. There, we advanced from race to race, won a new car, raced using that car, before repeating the process again. It got us using cars we never imagined ourselves in and broadened our horizons (pun intended).

Since then though, it’s not been like that. Progression through the game has been swift. If you offer us the latest Bugatti or a 1969 Ford, it’s an easy choice. The solution? Take the choice away, make us progress. Sure, it may not be for everyone, but you can still use whatever car you want in free play.

Extremely Addictive

Confession time: we’ve never actually raced online in Forza. That will probably change this year but single-player is always where we dive into first. As mentioned, our interest would wane previously but we haven’t found that to be the case this year.

Hours have ticked by without us noticing, we’ve raced across the world (virtually, of course) and we’ve got plenty more to do. The sign of a good game is that this doesn’t feel like a chore at all and, in fact, we can’t wait to hit the track in Dubai, Le Mans, Brands Hatch or wherever else it’s going to take us.

Brilliant Diversity

As mentioned, the thing we missed most about old Forza’s was driving cars we had no interest in prior to be thrown in them. It actually led a number of us, who thought of the best cars purely as Ferrari’s or Lamborghini’s, to fall in love with American classics – which we’ve never looked back on, by the way.

Those sort of discoveries have been lost in recent years as we’ve just bought the cars we wanted and entered the races that suited us most. With Forza 7, that changes and we’re forced to get behind the (virtual) wheel of vehicles we otherwise wouldn’t have touched.

Honestly, we didn’t bat an eye when it was revealed that trucks would be in Forza 7. We even sighed a little when we had to drive one in the game’s opening moments. In the end though, we discovered trucks are great fun (and are awesome to ram people off the road with). We can’t wait to see what other hidden automotive gems we find.

It Can Be Slow

This is a minor gripe but, in the interest of fairness, it has to be said. The responsiveness in menus can be tedious at best the majority of the time, as the game (rather understandably) takes a while to load. Yes, we could use this time to open loot boxes but we would much rather burn some rubber.

This isn’t something that’s new to any game but Forza could do with some sort of loading mechanic like FIFA does with the arena. Obviously a car and a football would bring us into Rocket League territory but we’re not being literal, we just want something to pass the time while we wait instead of twiddling our thumbs.

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