The Multitasker: CLICKON Exclusive With Pro Wrestler Nick Aldis

In order to become a success within the world of professional wrestling, many people automatically assume that your path needs to go through the WWE. On the contrary – superstars like Nick Aldis, also known as Magnus over in TNA, have proven that it takes much more than a relationship with Vince McMahon to make a name for yourself.

Ten years ago the aforementioned Aldis was wrestling in front of hundreds of avid British fans around the country, and yet people rarely mention that. He’s a self-made star having gone from the bottom of the pile before rising up to become a world champion, and in many ways, he’s been the backbone of British wrestling ever since he first stepped foot inside the squared circle.

“The real turning point for me was becoming a father. I sometimes joke that I wish that had happened [becoming World Champion] a year earlier, because we found out Mickie was pregnant whilst I was World Champion. It just calmed me down and gave me so much more of a level head, and created so much more of a perspective. I stopped blowing up about small, unnecessary things and focused on the bigger picture.”

We recently spoke with the former Impact Wrestling stand out to talk all things pro wrestling, and you can tell just from the way Nick speaks that he’s certainly not done with this business quite yet.

Some may have thought differently given that he hasn’t been seen on a global scale as frequently in the last few years, however, his hard work has shone through above any and all ‘stereotypes’ that have followed him throughout his career.

Aldis has gone from wrestling to Gladiators, to presenting and back again, proving that he’s much more than just a one-trick pony. The 30-year-old has experienced a great deal of success within the first decade of his pro wrestling journey and given how much he’s crammed into that time span, it’s hardly surprising to hear that he’s interested in exploring some new ventures.

“The whole rhetoric of the British scene being the best it’s ever been is an arguable point. There’s certainly more attention on it, but if you go back and look at Brian Dixon’s books from the 90s and early 2000s, I remember consistently working in front of houses of 1,000 and up. Certainly in front of the 700s night after night. It just wasn’t the culture back then to brag about it on social media. I just think people are making a lot more noise about it now.”


Nick’s attitude towards everything he does has altered dramatically since becoming a father, and a future contract with the WWE isn’t out of the question – especially given that’s where his wife Mickie James currently competes.

But Aldis doesn’t ‘need’ them, and in fact, he may be one of the smartest independent wrestlers out there. He knows that pro wrestlers are forever on borrowed time in the ring, recognising that branching out into different avenues is vital in order to have a career after he hangs up his boots.

Aldis has been pulling strings in several different working departments over the last few years, which is staggering given how much added responsibility he’s had ever since he began on the British circuit.

“Outside of wrestling is kind of what I’m more excited about. I’ve just taken on an executive role for the first time, where I’m consulting for a marketing company. I don’t have a degree, so it’s flattering to me that they saw me as someone who understood people, marketing and psychology. That’s been a really fun new challenge.”



Paying your dues in any line of work is vitally important, and Aldis is someone who has never been afraid to test the waters and try something new. Because of that you can’t help but respect the guy, and just reading a few lines from his Superstar Body book will tell you all that you need to know about his determination.

Don’t blink over the next few years, because you may just miss something special from the man formerly known as Oblivion.

If you want a chance to see Nick in the flesh, click here to check out the dates for his October shows.

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