6 Great Games You Could Own for Less Than a Copy of FIFA 18

October will be a huge month for gaming fans with so many highly anticipated games set to be released.

Assassin’s Creed, The Evil Within, and Wolfenstein all have sequels out this month as the fall gaming season kicks off.

Exciting times indeed, though  not so much for those bank balances. Major franchises such as the recently released FIFA 18 fetch up to £50. And that’s not including any Gold Editions, Season Passes or extra add-ons for those games. Assuming you’re not Bill Gates, you’re going to have to budget.

Fear not though, there are plenty of great games you can purchase without needing to move to a cheaper apartment. Consider these 6 games, you could have for the price of a copy of FIFA 18. All available on the PlayStation Store right now.

The Park – £9.99

The Park is a psychological-horror game, following the story of a woman looking for her son in an amusement park. The player controls the first person perspective of Lorraine and must search each of the attractions within the park. As you may have guessed this is no ordinary amusement park. Expect dim lighting, jump scares and an eerie soundtrack. The Park is genuinely unnerving and features a very dark ending that blurs the lines of reality. No spoilers, but definitely worth a playthrough if you are looking to get in the mood for Halloween.

The Sexy Brutale – £7.89

This intriguing puzzle game is set at a manor hosting an Eyes-Wide-Shut-style party. The only issue is that a number of the guests keep getting murdered and the manor has become trapped in a time loop. Through a process of trial and error players have to discover the means of each murder and prevent them from happening. It’s a clever fresh approach to storytelling within games that provides a challenging gameplay experience.

Limbo – £7.39

The hauntingly beautiful platformer is a must have for any video games collection. If you haven’t experienced it already there is a disturbing joy to be found. Players guide a small boy through a twisted monochromatic environment looking for his sister.

Tricky puzzle sections will often result in grim and macabre endings for our nameless protagonist. The game also features a spine-chilling giant spider who will stalk you through certain sections. The art style is gorgeous and the atmosphere of dread is second to none.



Fahrenheit – £10.99

Americans may know it as the Indigo Prophecy, this is a re-release of a classic title that never gained widespread appeal. From David Cage who brought us Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, this was an earlier release in the same format. Players control both a possessed serial killer and the detective trying to bring him in.

Seeing both sides of the story unfold as the two worlds eventually collide. Our heroes must then discover the supernatural forces that are controlling Lucas, the killer. If you enjoyed Heavy Rain, this is definitely one for you. The same cinematic style, with the story altering based on consequences of the decisions you make in the game. There are multiple endings, so there is replay value, it’s dated by today’s standards but still a great play.


Battlefield 4 Bundle – £7.99

Another re-release and features two of the games from the popular Battlefield series. This is an exclusive treat for PlayStation Plus customers. The series needs no introduction. Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline are two great additions to a pack that features intense campaign modes and the ever popular multiplayer online battles.

Battlefield Hardline is a departure from the franchise in that it features battles on the streets of civilian cities. Rather than armies, it pits cops against robbers to add a new twist to gameplay with the same Battlefield mechanics.

Dig Dug – £3.29

The classics are always the best; if you didn’t have this in your childhood, get it now. In this Namco retro classic, players tunnel around underground to eliminate the monsters that live there. Pookas and Fygars will attempt to end you, but they’ll be no match for your unique weapon. Once fired, enemies can be pump-inflated until they burst. As with many old school games, it can be punishingly difficult and will consume a lot of your time – but that’s exactly what you want, isn’t it?

Dig Dug Arcade Machine


Those are six games that come in at a grand total of £47.54, less than the cost of a single copy of FIFA 18. So next time you’re strapped for cash and looking for a new game to play, remember there are always cheaper alternatives to the major releases.

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