Bridgestone CEO: Tiger Woods “Has More Power As An Endorser Than He Does As A Player”

With Tiger Woods recently admitting that there’s a possibility of him never returning to competitive golf, you would think those who recently signed deals with him would be running amuck with their tails between their legs. This, in fact, is not the case, with the CEO of Bridgestone recently speaking out about the predicament.

When Woods ‘returned’ to golf at the beginning of this season, he made it seem like he was actually going to play, which is half true. With Nike leaving the golf ball business, Woods was left to find a new sponsor, which led him to Bridgestone. The endorsement of a player like Tiger Woods is invaluable to a golf ball company, especially in today’s economy. And that’s the point that the CEO, Angel Iligan, reiterates.

“Tiger Woods has been very positive for the game. As you know with golf, we’ve been experiencing declines in the recent years, but with Tiger on board, it’s bringing a lot of consumers back to the game and excitement to the game and to Bridgestone,” he said.

The company signed with Woods in December of 2016, and in the first half of 2017, Bridgestone saw record growth in that small period of time. For being third in the market, trailing behind big brands like Callaway and Titleist, an increase at all is substantial.

Along with Woods, Bridgestone’s Tour Team features Bryson DeChambeau, Brandt Sneaker, Fred Couples, Matt Kuchar, Karrie Webb, Cheyenne Woods, and Paula Creamer, among others.

“I think he will always be a powerful endorser,” Ilagan added. “He is definitely the Michael Jordan of golf, the Ronaldo of golf, if you will, the Federer of golf, and whether he plays or not that doesn’t really matter.

He actually has more power as an endorser than he does as a player.”

Woods hasn’t played on the PGA Tour since January, but Iligan doesn’t see an issue with that, and he shouldn’t. Even if he isn’t teeing it up, Tiger is still finding ways to stay relevant in the golfing world, from coaching team events to updating fans on his blog.

No matter what happens with Tiger, he will always be a powerful force to be reckoned with in golf. It’s clear that Bridgestone is happy with their decision to be associated with the legend.

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