Hero: MLB Prospect Bubba Derby Protected Two Female Strangers During Vegas Massacre

Milwaukee Brewers prospect Bubba Derby showed his true colors during the awful shooting that took place in Las Vegas earlier this week. Derby, who was attending the concert with family and friends, used his body to shield two women he had met that night from the hail of bullets raining down on the crowd and escorted them to safety. The women, without a way to track Derby down personally, took to Facebook to thank the young man.

In the face of tragedy, it’s things like this that restore a little faith in humanity. Jori Jellison’s words are from the heart; she genuinely felt compelled to shout from a mountaintop.

“I don’t have the right words privately to thank you yet, but I really need your friends and family to know what an amazing guy you are,” she begins. “23-year-old Bowdien Derby not only helped to shield my friend Darci DeArmon Wallace and I (two complete strangers) but he stayed by our side all night long until we could get back to our friends. Bowdien Grabbed our hands and ran us to safety which was certainly no easy feat. If he didn’t make us get up and run from the gunfire, I probably wouldn’t have moved.”

With a name like Bubba Derby, you’re either destined for greatness, a la Dick Butkis or Rusty Kuntz, or you’re not. The young pitcher is on the right path, regardless of what his stuff looks like on the mound. And if his game footage from SDSU is any indication, the kid can deal, too.

The Brewers finished one game out of the second NL Wildcard spot this year; edged out by a Rockies team that won 87 games to their 86. It will take some time for Bubba to get right after seeing what he saw, but based on his actions, he’s got a good head on his shoulders and ice in his veins. Those are good qualities for a big league pitcher to have.

Baseball gods willing, we’ll see Bubba pitching in the Majors next year, and saving two lives is easily worth one game — the Brewers might even make the playoffs if Bubba has anything to say about it.

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