A Killer Round: A Look At OJ Simpson’s Love Affair With Golf

A long time before the white Bronco chase and multiple trials, OJ Simpson was known as the ideal American family man. A tall, handsome, and athletic person who could have easily been your next door neighbor.

Dare we say it, but Simpson mirrored Arnold Palmer in the sense that he could sell anything to anyone because of his genuine smile and natural charm. The former NFL star was featured in countless commercials with not only him but his family as well. Painting this picture that he shouldn’t be put on this pedestal because at the end of the day he was just the average American man. At least we all thought he was genuine and natural.

One thing you may not have known was OJ Simpson loved his golf, especially after his NFL career was over. That charm and easy-going attitude were what made him a commodity to golf with. That and the fact that he was one of the greatest NFL running backs of all time.

Now we all have a friend who really fudges their score on the course and OJ Simpson was that guy back in the day. Perhaps him and Kim Jong Un should play together since both seem to have a problem keeping a realistic score (and the whole murdering people thing too).

Some of Simpson’s playing partners didn’t really mind that he gave a fraudulent score. It was his presence that made him attractive to play with. Although this is true, a few of Simpson’s friends decided to start a ‘Juice Patrol’, where they would pitch in to hire a caddy who would keep track of Simpson’s shots to make sure he was keeping the right score.

“It was funny,” Fred Levinson said about playing with The Juice. “It was very hard to get mad at him.”

That attraction wore off once Simpson was acquitted of the double-murder charges that he faced in the fall of 1995. He kept playing golf at Rancho Park Golf Course in Los Angeles, but people were no longer lining up to play with him. Real shocker there.

Despite his lack of popularity, Simpson still tried to work his charm on the women who attended the course. The Juice would ask one in particular if she believed in love ‘at seventh sight’. The young lady refused his courting of her by saying:

“O.J., if I went out with you, my parents would kill me. And my girlfriend would kill me. And then you’d kill me. Then where would I be?'”

It didn’t take long for Simpson to get a club in his hands since he was released from prison this week.

Per TMZ, Simpson has been residing in a 5,000 square-foot house in Las Vegas that is not only right next to a golf course but has a putting green in its backyard. The Juice was spotted on Tuesday, working on his short game outside the spacious estate. Along with that short-game surface, the house has a pool, hot tub, and a spacious patio area. You could say life is good for The Juice…minus the whole paparazzi thing.

It will be interesting to see if The Juice makes any appearances on a public course in the near future. It’s a pretty sure bet at this point that zero private courses will allow for Simpson to join. Even when he played golf after he was acquitted of murder in 1995, people still didn’t want to play golf with him.

Golf used to be a sport that would provide Simpson an escape from the world. But now, he can’t even escape the paparazzi in his own backyard as he gets some chipping and putting in.

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