Doing It With Style: NFL Loses The “No Fun League” Tag

The NFL cannot be called the “No Fun League” anymore – America’s biggest sport has finally decided to grow up and be a more cheerful and happy place.

The NFL finally caught up with the sports world this year, when they allowed players to make celebrations when they broke the plain and scored in the end-zone.

There was a time where players were thrown a dreaded flag should they be over-zealous, but now they are free to party as they like on the field – although boundaries such as sexually suggestive or holding a pretend firearm are still outlawed – and rightly so.

Odell Beckham Jr was an exception the week before when he decided to celebrate a TD by pretending to be a dog and mimicking urinating on the field – as to look like he was marking his territory, however, there have been some great celebrations to have happened, which we can all appreciate.

1. Stefon Diggs impersonating Randy Moss

Minnesota Vikings’ Stefon Diggs appeared to use the game as a tribute to the great Randy Moss, with pre-match custom cleats.

However, he took it a step further during the game when he scored a Touchdown, spinning the ball and ‘splitting the defence’ a-la-Moss style.

2. Ezekiel Elliott eating breakfast

Zeke went to his old college days for his famed celebration, where he decided the best way to show he was hungry to score more points was to pretend to eat a bowl of cereal – whilst also ensuring he did not spill anything on his jersey by tucking his towel into his shirt.

3. Martavis Bryant and Antonio Brown doll rice

The Pittsburgh Steelers duo decided to play a game of dice when Bryant went into the end-zone against the Vikings, when the wide-receiver hauled in a 27-yard pass from Ben Roethlisberger, however, Brown had other ideas and appeared to snatch his role.

4. Juju Smith-Schuster channelling his inner-Goku

Another Steeler appears on the list, with Smith-Schuster decided to use his moment of celebration to opt for what looked like the classic Hadoken from the Street Fighter franchise.

The wide-receiver clarified himself that the celebration was actually Goku’s Kamehameha from Dragon Ball Z.

5. Buffalo Bills take a video game break

Jordan Matthews ran into the end-zone for the Buffalo Bills and was joined by Zay Jones, when it looked like they took a moment to play a video game – Madden 18 anyone?

6. Kareem Hunt takes a nap

The rookie has been in exceptional form and has impressed everyone with his ability, including the Kansas City Chiefs, however, his hard work has appeared to have taken its toll on the young running back. After running through the end-zone against the Philadelphia Eagles, Hunt decided it was the best time to get some shut-eye.

After running through the end-zone against the Philadelphia Eagles, Hunt decided it was the best time to get some shut-eye.

7. Bank heist

The Indianapolis Colts conducted a bank robbery when they scored a touchdown, with Donte Moncrief going past the Seattle Seahawks defence to score, however, each of the Colts had a role to play in the robbery.

Moncrief put the money in the bag, being held by T.J. Hilton, whilst Jack Mewhort closed the safe as they made good their escape.

8. Taco Charlton makes… well, you guessed it.

The Dallas Cowboys defensive-end took the ball into the end-zone and decided it would be best if he rewarded his team-mates with Tacos. Let’s face it, if anyone else tried this, it would just be damn weird.

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