Revealed: Conor McGregor Has Always Been Fleet of Foot

‘Aww’ isn’t typically an interjection associated with Conor McGregor. But in a recently unearthed video, the ‘Notorious’ UFC champion cuts an innocent figure as he dances at just the age of seven.

Sporting a bright blonde bowl-cut and an oversized suit, the Irishman has come a long way from his Dublin grass-roots:

McGregor’s footwork leaves a little to be desired in the recording. Unsynchronised and uncoordinated as he once was, however, he’s now famed for his movement; he’s had plenty of time to practise his technique after all. His dress sense is somewhat similar though, with the tendency to don a suit this is still very much a part of the McGregor image.

During an illustrious career which spans over nine years and 22 victories, McGregor is now something of a household name. Over his time in the sport, he has accumulated five title victories which began with the Cage Warriors Fighting Championship featherweight belt in 2012 and CWFC lightweight championship just six-months later. McGregor then went on to win the interim UFC featherweight championship before becoming the undisputed champion in the same category later that year.

In 2016, the Dubliner secured the UFC lighweight belt at Madison Square Garden to become the first fighter to ever hold two championships simultaneously. All of this is a far cry from the young boy depicted in the clip. What does remain the same however, is the same smug smile on Conor’s face at its end. Some things don’t change after all.

More recently, Conor was able to fine-tune his quick-step ahead of his highly anticipated boxing debut against Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather last month.

Though he lost the fight, McGregor put on quite the display as his magic feet danced across the canvas. He’s made quite the improvement from his younger days you might even say.

The video shows that everyone is human, even McGregor. And if he can go from where he was then to where he is now, there’s hope for us all yet. As McGregor said himself:

“They don’t think like i think. They don’t move like I move”.

He’s got that right.

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