F1: Vandoorne Ready To Lead McLaren

With his season performance improving, young F1 McLaren driver Stoffel Vandoorne has said he’s willing to take over for Fernando Alonso – is he punching above his weight?

Maybe it’s a case of megalomania or genuine confidence – but whatever the case, the Flying Waffle has had some interesting comments recently regarding the makeup of the Woking-based team.
It’s undeniable that the team’s darling is Fernando Alonso.

Ridiculously popular with the fans, and a tour-de-force within the team, Alonso has been at the center of the McLaren-Honda story – always offering a highly public opinion of the team’s performance.

With Alonso’s place in the team still up in the air, speculation has begun to abound as to what his departure could mean for the legendary team. While we will have to wait for the dust to settle in such an event, his teammate has no reservations about stepping up to the plate should need be:

“I think everything is going in the good direction. The team relies a lot on me, because I spend a lot of time in the factory as well with the aerodynamicists, in the simulator, with the other technical guys.

So, for sure [I feel ready to lead]. I mean, Fernando is not going to continue forever so how long he will stay in F1, if he will stay with us, I don’t know.

I’m just pushing from my side, not thinking too much about my teammate to be honest and to really trying to prepare for the future.” – Stoffel Vandoorne

It’s easy to understand that Vandoorne is simply looking to focus on himself and propel his F1 career to the heights he believes it can reach – though the off-the-cuff way he spoke about usurping his teammate leads us to believe that his recent surge of performance in the season may have gone to his head a bit.

It’s hard to say we didn’t see this coming. After such a dismal season at the behest of Honda, any decent result was bound to stir the heart of the young Belgian. But only time will tell if his bold statements will bear any repercussions.

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