Standard Seb: Vettel Blames Stroll for Malaysia Collision

Sebastian Vettel has absolved himself of any wrongdoing in the bizarre post-race collision with Lance Stroll’s Williams on the cool down lap after the race.

The German has accused the young Canadian driver of not looking in his mirrors, and is taking no accountability himself.

During a time in which Sebastian Vettel is being heavily scrutinised in the aftermath of the Singapore crash, the German driver has given the press yet another reason to vilify him with regards to his recent comments about the post-race crash with Stroll in Malaysia.

On the incident, Vettel said,

“For him (Stroll) probably it wasn’t as much a surprise as it was for me.

So I don’t take it personal but as I say it was completely unnecessary.

If you decide to change your direction then you should be aware of what’s going on, who’s behind and probably next to you.” – Sebastian Vettel

The onboard footage from Lance Stroll’s car has only been made available at the Japanese Grand Prix, which begs the question as to why the FIA haven’t considered it given that they have complete access to all onboard cameras.

The new footage highlights fairly convincingly that Lance Stroll was not to blame, and even turns left to try and avoid the Ferrari flying around the outside.

Some are citing Romain Grosjean’s onboard footage from behind the incident as evidence of Stroll drastically changing mid-corner and causing the collision, but Stroll’s steering wheel clearly doesn’t change direction in the video above, and the Grosjean footage as evidence against Stroll doesn’t take into account the illusion created from the changing direction of the Haas POV, which moves to the left and gives the impression of Stroll veering right:

The conclusions that can be drawn are irrelevant given that the FIA have not responded to the incident whatsoever. What is audacious is Vettel’s claim that he had nothing to do with it. At best, it was a miscalculated error, and the Championship protagonist would be better off holding his hands up and at least taking half of the blame.

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