Golf Tales: Peyton Manning Is The Most Interesting Man In The World

Peyton Manning may have told the press that he was going to drink a Budweiser after his Super Bowl 50 win, but it’s pretty obvious he should have said Dos Equis.

Why? You may ask. Well, because Peyton Manning really is the most interesting man. Not that old dude with the beard from the original commercials that they sent to Mars for no reason. Only to have that guy replaced by this goof who makes you wish Dos Equis would cease to exist.

Here’s a thought: use Manning in those commercials from now on. He’s more marketable than the new guy and he’s actually that character in real life. Don’t believe it? Grab your notebook, a pen, and listen up because you’re about to go to school.

We’ll start with the obvious point which is that Peyton Manning will likely go down one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

Manning holds the record for most yards (71,940) and touchdowns (539) by a quarterback in NFL history. On his way to picking up those numbers, he collected five MVP awards, two Super Bowl rings, and 14 Pro-Bowl appearances.

It didn’t take long for his first team, the Indianapolis Colts, to erect a statue in his honor, which will be unveiled this Sunday when the team retires Manning’s No. 18.

But enough about football, because the most interesting man in the world isn’t limited to one skill set. Now we all know that Manning was brilliant and always prepared on the field. But was it because he was psychic?

Former Colts kicker, Pat McAfee took a golf trip with Manning once and recalled how smooth his quarterback was when he was at the casino during their post-round shenanigans. Manning advised McAfee to put all his chips on the roulette table on No.18…red 18 specifically.

Manning then winked at McAfee and walked away.

“So I took all my chips off all my other numbers and put all my chips on red 18. Everybody at the table goes, ‘We should probably do that too.’ (Soon) every chip at the entire table was on red 18.

“All of a sudden, the number stops on red 18. The other people at the table are like, ‘OH MY GOD! Jesus himself walked into the casino!’

McAfee saw Manning the next day and had this brief exchange:

“I saw him the next morning. I go, ‘Did you know red 18 hit?’

“He goes, ‘Yeah.’

If that story wasn’t legendary enough then you need to hear about the greatest golf cart prank in human history. Manning (allegedly) was the mastermind behind putting one of the Colts assistant coaches’ golf carts on a raft in the middle of a lake during training camp. Former Colts tight end, Dallas Clark, recalled this masterful prank:

“A couple of the offensive linemen get in the pond, drag this raft to the shore, put a golf cart on it and drag it back to the middle of the lake. It was a staff member’s cart, but I won’t say who. This guy wakes up the next morning and sees his golf cart, sitting there, in the middle of the pond. We all just lost it.”

If these stories do not prove that Manning is the true ‘most interesting man in the world’ then you must be hanging out on Mars…with the old Dos Equis guy.

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