Worlds 2017 – Biofrost: “The worst that could happen again is that we don’t make it.”

The opening match of Worlds 2017 Groups Day 2 was a back-and-forth affair between Team Solo Mid and Flash Wolves.

Victory could have gone to either side, and it was not until the last few moments when death timers gave TSM the opportunity to down the Nexus turrets and the Nexus.

We sat down with Vincent “Biofrost” Wang after their win to find out more about how the game went, and what it’s like being a famous rookie.

How do you feel after that long match against Flash Wolves?

It’s our first game of groups and it was really intense. I think it’s nice to start off with a bang but we just had a really long, dragged out game. That wasn’t the best for us but at the end of the day we still got a win and that’s what really matters. Last year we didn’t make it out of groups. We really want to get out this year.

Do you feel the pressure because of that?

Yeah, leading up to Worlds a lot of people were hyping up TSM with interviews – “yeah TSM is gonna do well this year”. We haven’t really done any ‘hyping ourselves up’. We’ve kinda just been not saying anything and everyone else is hyping us up. It’s kinda like an inside joke where everyone’s “yeah we’re just gonna hype up TSM and when they don’t do well it’ll be really funny”. We just want to do well.

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How’s the mood like with the team, reading about the media saying these things?

I think with this roster at least, the last time we didn’t make it, the worst that could happen again is that we don’t make it.

We already experienced failure once and people, I guess, are more open to it. Obviously that doesn’t mean that we want to fail again. We want to do well and it’s just about us being confident in our own ability.

At what point in the game against Flash Wolves did you think you had it in the bag?

I think when we got Baron, we were sieging their towers in their base and we got 2 inhibitors, I thought for sure at least for me, that we’re gonna end up winning. But you never know with these type of games because I think there was a moment when all 3 of our inhibitors were down as well, and we ended up winning, so it’s just about that one team fight where we played well.

What was going through your mind this game?

The meta right now really favours ardent censer supports. That means like Janna, Lulu and those type of champions usually support your team mates and hope it goes well at least from a mechanical standpoint. Communication is important for the team too.

Photo Credit: LoL Esports Flickr


Could you say something about yourself that readers don’t know?

It seems like people know most stuff about me. (laughs) I don’t know what is left because on stream people ask what you like to do for your hobbies. I like playing piano, I like singing…

Your whole life has been laid out.

You don’t even notice it because it’s here and there. It’s like oh, I say that and then they start to pick it up and people have this list of things that they know. I’m like, wow! That’s crazy you know all this stuff about me but I don’t know anything about you which is a little bit weird, but it’s cool I guess.

Did you expect this as you grew more famous?

It cuts conversations a little bit shorter. I think it’s good because we don’t have to go through the formalities. It’s like yeah, I already know all this stuff about you and I get to listen about their lives and what they’re all about.

You’ve been playing for one and half years on TSM. When do you think you’ll shed the title of ‘rookie’?

I think it’s mainly because of the team that I’m on. Since I’m on a team of veterans, I look really small, even though I’ve been on the team for one and half years so I think that stigma is just going to keep going until something changes.

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