Hendrick Motorsports Dazzles with New Camero Model and 2018 Liveries

A new era has officially been introduced, fronted by Hendrick Motorsports who unveiled its brand new 2018 paint schemes last night.

Four brand-spanking new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 were the center of attention as they took to the stage for the first time. Along with the new models of the Camaro, Hendrick Motorsports also welcomed in two new drivers who’ll take the team through to the new installment of their racing legend. Follow CLICKON Motorsport as we take a look at the rides that Jimmie Johnson, Chase Elliott, Alex Bowman and William Byron will be showing off in 2018.

It was announced a few weeks ago that Chase Elliott would no longer run in the number 24 car, as Hendrick Motorsports decided to bring back the number 9 car – the same car that Chase’s father, Bill Elliott, ran in at the height of his career. Chase has described the move to the number 9 car as feeling “like home.” This new NAPA scheme has definitely knocked the ball out of the park in a sleek new version of the old scheme.

With Chase Elliott’s move into the number 9 car, it was also announced that Xfinity driver, William Byron, would begin his Cup Series career in the number 24 car. Coming onto the stage with Jeff Gordon who ran in the number 24 car from 1993, Byron’s eyes became as wide as saucers when the scheme was unveiled.

“It was a shock to me how it looks in person.

It really made me light up, and really all four cars look amazing.

It’s exciting and can’t wait for it.” – Willian Byron

The next big change was to the number 88 car and its driver. Dale Earnhardt Jr announced this year that he will retire at the end of this season. When he was side-lined due to concussion in 2016, Alex Bowman filled his seat.

Electing to stick with continuity, Hendrick Motorsports then went on to announce that Alex Bowman would once again replace the fan-favorite driver permanently come the new 2018 season. Dale Earnhardt Jr threw in his two cents on this drool-worthy occasion:

“[I’m] a little sad, but super-excited for Alex. I’m reminded of that excitement when we do things like this.

As much as it’s a little sad for me, it reminds me about what’s great to look forward to.” – Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Finally, we get to Jimmie Johnson’s new scheme and as the Tweet suggests – it’s the return of the yellow numbers. Jimmie’s scheme has said goodbye to the classic blue schemes from years gone by and now features a sleek black base with the sponsorship from Lowes for Pros. Jimmie Johnson seemed to be much less enthused about his livery than his compatriots, stating:

“This is different. This is early.

From a superstitious standpoint, we’ll reserve our opinion until next year and see what happens.” – Jimmie Johnson

So, there we have it. The brand-spanking new schemes, unveiled before their driver’s eyes have not been a disappointment. Fans are already dying to see these mean-looking machines doing their thing out on the track at 200 mph.

Hendrick Motorsports and their sponsors have done a magnificent job with the new schemes. As for the new Camaro ZL1 – well that’s enough to make any NASCAR fan drool – and we will wait with baited breath to see how those beauties will perform against Toyota and Ford in 2018.

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