World Cup Qualifying: Pulisic, Alitdore Shine In USA’s 4-0 Thrashing Of Panama

Christian Pulisic took turned a half-chance into a goal with a few deft touches of the ball from midfield, essentially securing passage for the United Sates to Russia in 2018. He is the present; he is the future.

Centerback Matt Besler ate an accidental elbow on a corner kick a few minutes later and got a nice cut above his eye – nothing like a little blood to get both teams excited.

Ten minutes later, Pulisic delivered a cross from the left flank that Jozy Altidore finished emphatically. A goal served up on a golden platter from America’s golden boy.

At 19, Pulisic is the best player on the field. He is unlike any who have come before him – there’s never been an American as prolific on the world stage at his age.

Thank Jürgen Klopp blessing Pulisic into Borussia Dortmund – the second-best team in Germany – where he is surrounded by excellence.

World Cup qualifying is less daunting when you’ve got Champions League experience under your belt; a luxury afforded to Pulisic in Europe.

The attacking trio of Wood, Altidore, and Pulisic is as potent as the U.S. has ever assembled. Granted, playing Panama is a little different than playing Brazil or Germany, but those three are a dangerous combination.

Add in Darlington Nagbe, and the United States are a dynamic young team that you don’t want to face.

Bobby Wood drew a penalty kick a few minutes before halftime; a fitting reward for a 40 minutes of dogged work from the Hawaiian. Jozy Altidore Panenka’d the penalty kick; ballsy, but not Zidane ’06 World Cup final ballsy.

The U.S. marched into halftime with a 3-0 lead, and Bobby Wood made it 4-0 in the 60th minute. The only moment of concern came when Pulisic got banged up but coach Bruce Arena wisely subbed out his golden goose with the game well in hand.

Jozy Altidore made way for Clint Dempsey in the 70th minute. A two goal night is a good night.

While an away match against Trinidad looms in the near future, all eyes are on the prize: the World Cup.

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