Hometown Hero: Christian Pulisic Gives Game Jersey To 7-Year-Old Fan Who Donated His

After providing the United Stated with the game-winning goal and an assist in their crucial World Cup qualifying match against Panama, 19-year-old Christian Pulisic donated his game jersey to a 7-year-old Alex Ibarra.

Ibarra, at the tender age of seven, made headlines before the Panama game for auctioning off his signed Pulisic jersey and donating the proceeds towards relief efforts in Panama. Here’s how Pulisic responded:

When the news reached little Alex Ibarra, he was too excited to speak, before bursting into song:

There’s nothing more that U.S. Soccer could ask from Pulisic. He’s the most dynamic player on the field for the United States; arguably the best player in all of CONCACAF at just 19. But beyond that, he’s acclimating to stardom the right way.

A leader on the field, and a leader in the community. As Clint Dempsey grows long in the tooth — the 34-year-old seems to have more or less settled into his role as a super-sub — it’s clear who will carry the torch for the United States.

Michael Bradley may wear the captain’s armband, and Jozy Altidore is a big, experienced, physical player entering the prime of his career, but it’s Pulisic that will ultimately determine how the United States fares in the World Cup and beyond. He’s got that spark that makes him dangerous in the final third of the field. If you’re a defender, the last thing you want to see is Pulisic coming at you with a head of speed; you’ve got no idea what he’s going to do. He could pass, shoot, or keep the ball for himself as he waltzes past.


Last year, Pulisic was a gift from the soccer gods that was too good to be true; a supremely talented youngster who appeared from nowhere. You can blink now. He’s real. And he’s only getting better.

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