Interview With LZ Khan: ‘Before I Sleep, I Do Simulations Of Five-Man Ultimates In My Head.’

Tournament favourites, Longzhu Gaming closed out the first week of 2017 World Championship Group Stages with a clean 3-0 record. In the most recent match against Fnatic, Kim “Khan” Dong-ha brought a new champion to the table: Nasus.

Ironically picking the literal “dog-champ” as a counter against Paul “sOAZ” Boyer’s Maokai, Khan and the reigning LCK champions made light work of the European third seed.

CLICKON eSports spoke to Longzhu’s talented top laner shortly after his dominating performance to reveal his insights on tanks, the secrets of success, and life on the team since joining in May this year.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

TM: You’ve managed to escape playing true tanks like Maokai and Cho’gath. Instead you’ve shown Jarvan IV and Nasus at Worlds and previously Trundle in LCK. What is Longzhu’s game plan behind that?

“For pure tank champions like Maokai and Cho’gath, they don’t have good mobility. Without juke skills, I feel a bit uncomfortable with them.

“I prefer to play champions like with Trundle who has ‘W’ for movement speed buff. It’s not that I cannot play pure tank champions; I just feel more comfortable with half-tank-half-deal champions.”

TM: What about playing tanks do you find challenging?

“When pure tanks are playing each other at top, it’s very boring to watch. There’s no possibility of solo kills.

“Of course as a pro-player, my utmost priority is winning the game. However at the same time, I believe it’s good for viewers as there is more excitement with a variety of champions. I feel it’s more fun to play non-tank champions.”

TM: How has fame changed you now that you’re popular on Longzhu?

“Basically, I get more following and friend requests on SNS (Social Network Services). I’m a person who enjoys the spotlight and such attention, it gives me more motivation to work harder and be a better player. It hasn’t changed me much.”

Source: Riot Games Flickr

TM: What’s the best advice that PraY and GorillA have given you?

“When Longzhu was in the LCK Summer Finals, PraY was advising that if we win this LCK final, we don’t have to play the regional qualifier which is tough to get through.

“Secondly, if we go to Worlds, many things will change. It will give me more experience and extend my perspective by watching the games.

“It’s a fact that everyone knows, and PraY was just trying to give us more motivation. Both in the game and outside of the game, he was helping a lot.”

TM: If you didn’t main top lane, which role would you be in?

“In solo rank, I also play mid and jungle. I feel like if I had enough time, I probably can be at the same performance level in these roles too, I’m confident.”

TM: Why don’t you play bot lane?

“I don’t play in the bottom lane because I have to work with another person as a duo… which is hard. (smiles)”

TM: What’s the last thing you do before you sleep?

“I do simulations in my head. For example, in this situation, I will use a 5-man ultimate and if we cover that with another 5-man ultimate it would be freaking awesome. I’m always thinking like that when I wake up till I sleep on the bed. I always do it.”

TM: What are you thankful for this year?

“I am very thankful I’m able to play with PraY and GorillA as older brothers and with younger brothers on my team who are all very kind.”

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