The Top 5 Mid Laners Expected To Bask In The Spotlight During The 2016 World Championship

Mid lane is the one position on summoners rift where all the stars align, where the mechanical superstars fight one other in a bid to hailed as the greatest. With the monotonous wave clearers of Vladimir and Malzahar finally fading out of competitive play, fans are hoping to see some spicy assassin and mage duels in the middle – but which mid lane prodigy is the most likely to shine at the 2016 League of Legends World Championship?

Season 6 has been a generally frustrating era for the professional mid laner. As assassin’s were faded out of the meta, everything rested on a champions ability to maintain control – Azir, Cassiopeia, Malzahar, Vladamir – they’ve all had their moment in the limelight, but they’re hardly the most exciting champs to watch.

Eager to please their fans, Riot have diversified the mid lane power picks ahead of Worlds 2016 with the rise of the mechanically intensive Orianna and Jayce marking an encouraging trend during the pre-tournament bootcamps. On the eve of the Championship, who should fans be expecting to shine?

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