Here Comes The Money: Shane McMahon’s Craziest Moments

If you mention Shane McMahon to any pro wrestling fan from the Attitude Era onwards, they’ll likely have half a dozen memories of him doing something stupid. Of course, there’s much more to his ‘persona’ than that, but when it comes to Shane-o-Mac that’s what the WWE Universe knows and loves him for.

As the dust settles on his latest exploits at Hell In A Cell 2017, we thought it’d be interesting to take a not so safe trip down memory lane in order to pinpoint the craziest stunts of the 47-year-old’s surprisingly prestigious career.

Many will argue that he’s never been more than a spot monkey, but if you don’t think Shane knows how to tell a great story then you’re lying to yourself. The SmackDown Live commissioner is an adrenaline junkie at heart and whilst that may rub some the wrong way, we’ve had some pretty great memories that have come out of it.

WrestleMania 32

When it was announced that Shane McMahon was returning to the WWE in order to battle The Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 in a Hell In A Cell match, we all had two thoughts in our minds. One: did they just call the first person they had on speed dial, and two: he’s going to jump off of the cell. He did, and needless to say, it was sensational.

Helicopter Crash

This one occurred away from the ring, but it’s certainly still worth noting. A few months back Shane was involved in a helicopter crash following an emergency landing, which led to the pilot in question taking the two on a quick detour to the Atlantic Ocean. Of course, he completely no sold the incident, as you’d expect.

SummerSlam 2000

When you go head-to-head with someone like Steve Blackman, you should be prepared for some unusual things to go down. Unsurprisingly, that’s exactly what happened back in 2000 when Blackman nailed Shane with a kendo stick which led to the boss’ son falling to his impending doom off of the event’s scaffolding.

Backlash 2001

In a way this entry is quite similar to the previous one in terms of the positioning, however, this time it was Shane’s turn to voluntarily take a leap of faith. On this occasion, it was a dive down onto Big Show, with the sheer height alone leading many to believe that McMahon wouldn’t even be able to walk away from the arena that night.

Survivor Series 2016

In professional wrestling, as with any and all sports in life, there are risks involved. So despite the fact that Shane was actually inside of the ring at Survivor Series, things still went pear-shaped when Roman Reigns nailed him with a mid-air spear that quite literally knocked the former European Champion out cold.

Hell In A Cell 2017

The fact that this occurred within the last week is bizarre enough, and what’s even odder is that it’s an exact replica of the first stunt on this list. Once again Shane went to the top of the Hell In A Cell structure, this time against Kevin Owens, and for the second time in 18 months, his children watched him plummet to the ground. Ouch.

King Of The Ring 2001

The story goes that if at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again – but perhaps Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon should’ve avoided that advice at KOTR 2001. Essentially, Angle went to suplex Shane through what they thought was sugar glass, but evidentially there was an error as it didn’t break and McMahon landed head first onto the concrete. They still went for it again, obviously, because they’re mental.

WrestleMania 33

Nobody gave Shane McMahon vs AJ Styles a chance heading into WrestleMania 33, but coming out of it many believed that the two stole the show. One particular moment that stood out was when Shane, in his mid-40s, decided to attempt a shooting star press from the top rope. You’d think that Brock Lesnar’s failed attempt 14 years earlier would’ve put him off.

Given Shane’s age alone, you’d think that it’s a bit silly to consider he’s still doing these kinds of things in the present day. Then again, when you’ve got a passion for something you’ll usually put everything you’ve got into it more often than not, and can you really blame him for that?

With a rumoured Survivor Series bout in the pipeline for next month’s showcase event, we likely haven’t seen the last of Vince’s prodigal son inside of the squared circle.

Here comes the money.

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