Dolphins O-Line Coach Chris Foerster Lost His Job After Recording Himself Snorting Cocaine

Looks like Chris Forester – Dolphins offensive line coach – had an interest in other ‘lines’ as well. A video emerged on Sunday of Foerster taping himself while snorting three lines of cocaine. The video was released by Las Vegas dancer Kijuana Nige in a now-deleted Facebook post.

(A fair warning here as the video is quite disturbing and contains some crude language)

So why did this Vegas dancer put Foerster on blast like this? She said it was in the name of ‘social justice’.

This was the caption from her deleted Facebook post:

“The white people mad at me like I forced blow down this man’s nose and like I recorded it on that low. No those are his habits and he recorded himself and sent it to me professing his love. So quick to make excuses for him but will roast a minority player over an athem, dog fights, weed, domestic issues etc. But y’all keep saying ALL LIVES MATTER STFU‼️”

Foerster can only blame himself for this one. Clearly, a video of snorting cocaine while at work is a terrible decision, on top of the fact that he sent it to a Las Vegas dancer.

The 56-year-old has coached for seven different NFL franchises in the last 24 years. He is in his second stint with the Dolphins, he served as their offensive coordinator in 2004.

Foerster announced on Monday morning that he has resigned from the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins released the following statement regarding the situation:

“We were made aware of the video late last night and have no tolerance for this behavior,” the team said. “After speaking with Chris this morning, he accepted full responsibility and we accepted his resignation effective immediately. Although Chris is no longer with the organization, we will work with him to get the help he needs during this time.”

This is just an ugly situation from beginning to end. It’s truly sad that one 56-second video can ruin a career.

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