Fighting Stateside: AJ Should Listen To Wilder’s Demands

Fresh from Anthony Joshua’s latest public jibe – we all know how well AJ manipulates the world of the media, just ask Amir Khan – the current face of boxing dished out the usual insults to potential opponents David Haye and Deontay Wilder:

“We’ve got David Feathers (Haye) and Beyonce (Deontay) Wilder.”

Wilder-Joshua is the fight boxing wants and needs; however, because there’s such a lack of quality in the heavyweight division, the sport needs to delay it as much as possible just to fully keep fans on the edge of their seats for as long as possible.

In the interim, we’ll all wait and watch AJ dismantle 36-year-old, Kubrat Pulev, as we delay the big unification fight so Eddie Hearn can count how deep his pockets go in the process.

Despite this, credit to Wilder, the American is already getting fans in the spirit of the Joshua-Wilder fight by implying that Joshua is something of a non-entity on stateside:

“It will be a great fight [Joshua-Wilder], but he is not that popular over here. I had to burst a lot of people’s bubble but he’s not. If he wants to be global, he needs to come to America to fight me, but to be honest, I don’t care where it happens.”

— Deontay Wilder, speaking to Sky Sports

Wilder is right, if Joshua ever wants to be considered ‘the greatest’, or whatever other cheesy tagline, then the London-born boxer has to fight stateside; especially if it’s going to be a unification fight.

The American continued to call out AJ and his team, insisting that Eddie Hearn is fearful of throwing Joshua into a ring with Wilder:

“Even Eddie Hearn says his man will knock me out in three, so why haven’t you made the fight yet? If you are so confident, why are you stalling? Why do you stare at me when you’re with your friends, look up and down, sizing me up? Because you’re scared.

“Everybody is scared. I will unify the division and it will be very soon.”

— Deontay Wilder, speaking to Sky Sports

First things first, that’s all Eddie Hearn does, look a fellow fighter up and down, thinking to himself – ‘how can I squeeze you for every penny’ – and that’s just what he’s doing with Wilder.

Although Pulev is the mandatory challenger for AJ, Wilder will have to wait his turn, and he’ll have to wait for as long as every pound is collected and the pay-per-view maximised; let’s make this fight happen and hope for a rematch, because if this doesn’t happen, the likes of David Haye will continue to find relevance in a sport that should have put the final nail in the heavyweight’s coffin.

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