The Fallen Angel: Exclusive Interview With Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels may not be a common name that’s brought up when you ask casual wrestling fans who their favourite is, but when it comes to natural talent and dedication to the business you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone as good as The Fallen Angel.

At the age of 47 the majority of guys in this business would just think about calling it quits and walking off into the sunset, but not Daniels. This legend of the independent circuit continues to push the limits and continues to reinvent himself night after night, and we recently sat down to speak with the legendary star in what proved to be a fascinating interview.

“I absolutely think wrestling is an art form. There’s an aspect of storytelling in professional wrestling that maybe not everyone gets, especially casual fans or just people who look at it on the surface or from afar. You have to sort of watch it over a period of time to understand what’s going on.

Yeah, every match tells a story in itself, but the longer archs of how wrestlers progress from the bottom of the card to the top, from villain to hero, that sort of stuff is a long term form of storytelling that I think fans understand and enjoy.”

In what was arguably one of our smoothest chats with a big name sportsman to date, Chris gave some intelligent and thought-provoking answers to questions that others may have summed up in a sentence or two. From his past in TNA to his future, there was no stone left unturned – and that includes topics based outside of the squared circle.

For those of you who don’t know Daniels is an avid comic book fan, having grown up with Marvel from a young age. The former ROH World Champion has stuck by the company to this day, and the man himself will tell you that he’s about as avid about comics as he is about throwing down inside the ring.

Of course, with any veteran comes queries about his continued commitment, and Daniels made sure to let us know that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. This is a guy who was instrumental in paving the way for so many of today’s top stars, that it almost seems impossible to consider that he’ll continue doing it for years to come.

“I would love to see more stringent vetting processes for promoters that are coming up. I feel like a lot of wrestlers now are earning their living on the independent scene, and whilst you have to go through training to become a professional wrestler, anybody with money can become a promoter. Sometimes it’s hard to know which promotions are legitimate, and which are just money grabs.”

Either way, it’s become clear to us, if it wasn’t before, that Chris has a great eye for the business and we have no doubt that he’ll remain intertwined with wrestling long after his competitive days are over.

We spoke with his partner in crime Frankie Kazarian a few months back, and completing the duo made us realise that much of their combined success in addition to their singles triumphs can be attributed to one another.

“I sort of force myself to stick with it. I recognise what worked for me five years ago may not work for me now, and I try not to become so deeply entrenched in my habits. I try to recognise when things are getting stale, and try to change direction when I can.

I think Chris Jericho is a perfect example of someone who enjoys success but also challenges himself to do something different and find different things for people to latch onto. That’s something I’ve tried to incorporate aswell, because I don’t want to stay stagnant for too long.”

Daniels is a simple man in earnest, and he even said so himself, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t an intriguing creature. For him, it doesn’t matter whether his alignment rests as a babyface or a heel because the important thing is to create moments for every single fan in attendance.

So don’t blink, because you may just miss another Christopher Daniels masterpiece.

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