F1: Red Bull Fully Invested in the Verstappen/Ricciardo Duo

Formula 1 team Red Bull have identified what their greatest assets moving forward are: their drivers.

Everyone wants to have a good working relationship with their drivers. After all, they’re the folks responsible for extracting the performance out of the car that the engineers have poured countless hours into developing.

Unfortunately, in a sport that values technical prowess as much as it does, that can often fall by the wayside.

It’s refreshing to see, then, that Red Bull have decided to remind everyone that they would be nowhere without their drivers.

And in a season that has held much animosity between teammates (we’re looking at you, Force India) it’s equally invigorating to see such a vibrant and healthy relationship between teammates as the one shared between Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo.

The duo have proved to not only possess the skills necessary to rip victory from the grasp of their rivals, but also as two of the most lovable personalities on the grid.

With boyish tomfoolery abounding, Max and Daniel have provided a sometimes much-needed break from the dour-faced drivers that show up to race day as if they were attending their own funeral.

Red Bull is keeping Carlos Sainz under contract as an option for next year should either of the dynamic duo decide to split, but Team Principal Christian Horner was quick to point out that they plan to retain both well into the future:

“Carlos, I wanted to keep under contract as an option should one of the [existing] drivers past next year not be with us.

But the absolute intention is we want Ricciardo and Verstappen in Red Bull Racing cars going forward. They both enjoy being in the team.

I think the difference with Daniel is for the first time in his career at Red Bull he’s got an end in sight to his contract.” – Christian Horner

Although Ricciardo may indeed be on the market come the end of the 2018 season, he’ll have one hell of a team to say goodbye to if he decides to part ways.

While it may have taken Red Bull longer than they would have liked to reach the level of competitiveness to challenge Ferrari and Mercedes, they are undeniably giving both the Silver Arrows and the Prancing Horses a run for their money.

Yes, it looks as if the future of the Formula 1 Red Bull team is going to feature a lot more of the likes of Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen – and we couldn’t be happier.

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