Nick Kyrgios Is The Sports Star We Should Want

Nick Kyrgios continues to be a bone of contention for tennis purists out there, with many believing the controversial Australian is disrespectful to the sport. However, for those of you who are open to having your opinion changed, and not afraid to let go of your pre-conceived notions, then Kyrgios’ open letter to himself – via the superb players voice website – reveals a guy who goes to work, and has his grievances with his work place, like so many others.

“It’s the rest of it. The travel, the time away from loved ones, the social media trolls, the battles with the media, the early round matches on the back courts when all you want is to be back in Canberra playing FIFA with your mates. It’s that stuff.”

Nick Kyrgios – Players Voice

Society has created a mentality towards the ones we perceive as ‘lucky’ – several properties, bi-monthly trips to Bali and not having to know what ASOS is – as less entitled to have a right to moan, not allowed to be offended and certainly not allowed to have the Monday blues, just like the rest of us.

“You’ve no doubt noticed that I’m not all that good at hiding the fact I’d rather be somewhere else a lot of the time.”

Nick Kyrgios – Players Voice

So when Nick Kyrgios retired, this morning, in the second round of the Shanghai Rolex Masters, against Steve Johnson – a retirement that seems like nothing more than someone who just doesn’t want to be there – the Australian will no doubt be subjected to his usual social media backlash.

But Kyrgios’ struggles with his love for tennis are no different from when you take a 15-minute bathroom break at work to escape the office, or don’t start officially working until 10am despite being at your desk from 9am.

Kyrgios is the sports star that we always say we want  – one of us – and yet, the truth is, seeing our heroes on a more human level, when we’ve given them superhuman status, isn’t what we want at all.

But that’s just tough luck.

Carry on being you, Nick.

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