The Top 5 Bot Lanes With The Most Feared Reputations At The 2016 World Championship

Bot lane aint what it used to be – the duos have far less impact compared to the hyper-carry roles they possessed some seasons ago. The level of synergy required to crush the opposition, requires an intrinsic connection between the two laners to strike up a fearsome bottom lane. 

Once upon a time, picks like Caitlyn and Graves could snowball a lead directly to the enemy nexus – no longer. Last season’s World Championship was a fairly torrid time for AD Carries, to the point where choosing a bruiser like Kennen or Jayce was a legitimate option, due to the weakness of role.

Moving into Worlds 2016, AD Carries are back with a bite, relying on their support duo to nurture them towards their power spikes. With an expectant audience, fans can look forward to spicy skirmishes that touch on perfection, but based on reputation, which is the most feared bot lane heading into the 2016 League of Legends World Championship?

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