Arsenal Joins PES – Proves Konami Isn’t Dead

For all the talk that Konami has given up the ghost, one would take care to notice that he gap has long been closing between Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA – in fact, PES might finally be better than EA Sports’ creation.

But that bitter pill won’t be swallowed by now-millennials who grew up in the glory years of FIFA’s debut in ’96, and continue to stick to what they know – FIFA 17 outsold PES 17, last year, by 40-to-1.

“There was a time when FIFA was noticeably the better-looking of the dueling football games, but that isn’t true any more, with only PES’s telltale licensing restrictions making the difference apparent.” – Tom Hatfield, PC Gamer Reviewer

The difference between FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer has always boiled down to whichever one you were first introduced to. It’s not right to say that one is better than the other, quite simply, it’s just they’re different – don’t try and bring PES’ wonderful ability to make through passes so effective into the gaming world of FIFA; it just doesn’t fly.

Arsenal are the latest, of a small yet promising list of clubs to officially partner with Konami and PES, and therefore allowing users to come up, close and personal with their footballing heroes within the game – apparently, Mesut Ozil doesn’t track back in PES – it’s that lifelike.

“We are determined to work with the very best clubs football has to offer and are delighted to partner with Arsenal.

The relationship we formed last year has gone from strength to strength, most notably when Emirates Stadium played host to the PES LEAGUE World Final.

As such, we were keen to work even closer with such a highly regarded club and the new agreement will allow us to perfectly recreate and feature Emirates Stadium, and the club’s many stars, within PES 2018.” – Konami’s senior director of brand and business development Jonas Lygaard

The Gunners are now alongside the likes of Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund and Liverpool in signing over the intricate details of the Emirates Stadium, Arsene Wenger’s sleeping bag jacket and Alexis Sanchez’s strops to PES.

Are EA Sports worried, though? No. Should they be? Well, that depends on if you believe the tortoise really did beat the hare.

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