POTUS Got Game: President Trump Shoots Impressive Score In Wet Conditions

President Donald Trump was accompanied by Lindsey Graham, Republican Senator from South Carolina, for some Columbus day golf this week. The two played at Trump National Golf Club in Northern Virgina. President Trump didn’t care if he was the host or not because he proceeded to shoot 73 and beat Graham like he stole something.

This means the President shot one-over par if the two played the championship course at Trump National which is a par-72 and has a distance of 7,693 yards from the tips.

The score of 73 is already pretty impressive for Trump who is 71 years old. But what was more impressive was the fact that he battled through ‘wet and windy’ conditions according to Sen. Graham.

HA! Senator’s got jokes.

The President’s handicap is officially a 2.8. Monday’s unofficial score 73 would be the lowest score he has had since he shot 70 in August of 2013 (70).

Image Source/ http://www.ghin.com/lookup.aspx

Naturally, many people will claim that Trump’s scores are fraudulent and that he is a cheater. But former Super Bowl quarterback Peyton Manning spoke up for the President when it came to the sincerity of his golf game. Manning is a pretty reliable source, so you can take his word seriously.

“I’ve never felt safer playing golf,” Manning said while on Jimmy Kimmel’s Tonight Show. “He was a great host, he loves sports. We passed through a number of groups. He was very gracious and took pictures with the groups we passed through.

“No, no,” Manning said when Kimmel asked repeatedly if Trump cheated. “I counted his strokes.”

Would Manning have the guts to call the President out if he did catch him cheating?

“I would have, yeah. He played honestly,” Manning said. “He gives you a lot of putts now. So he expects those to be reciprocated back to him.”

Whether you like Trump or not, as a golfer you have to respect a score of 73, especially when playing in windy and wet conditions.

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