The Uncrowned Welterweight King: Exclusive With Colby Covington

The 170-pound division within the Ultimate Fighting Championship has long since been thought of as the best in all of mixed martial arts. Whilst we don’t disagree with that, there’s one man in the midst of the mayhem who hasn’t received the hype that he deserves – and that’s Colby Covington.

Covington, who is set to throw down with Demian Maia in Sao Paulo at the end of this month, holds a 12-1 professional record and has been a part of the UFC family for well over three years now.

“I love pro wrestling. I wanna go down that avenue after fighting, that’s something I’ve always enjoyed since I was a kid. I also like Texas Hold’em poker, it’s similar to fighting, there’s a lot of mental warfare and there’s a lot of mind games, and it’s a percentage game. I’m a competitor, and it allows me to get that competitive side out of me.”

Whilst he may not be as well promoted as other fighters, he’s one of the best all-around competitors the promotion has seen in quite some time. Sure, he may not have as many finishes as others, but he’s still coming into his prime and at 29 years of age the guy has a long road left in this sport.

We recently sat down and spoke with the upstart about everything from his own personal interests to where he wants to be within the next two years, and you can just feel his confidence oozing through with everything that he says.

Some may call it cockiness but in this game, you need to be assured of yourself, and that’s what Colby Covington is. Hell, he even knows what he wants to do after MMA with his passion for professional wrestling set to take him down a whole new path once his time inside the octagon is complete.

“The big thing with Tyron Woodley is that he doesn’t like tough training. He likes to run his training. When he was at American Top Team we were beating him up every day, and he didn’t like that. He wanted to be in charge, and he wanted to set the minutes and rounds. He didn’t like wanting to grind. That’s why I feel like it’s an easy fight for me, he plays it safe and isn’t a good cardio fighter.”

Nobody can deny Colby of putting all his eggs in one basket and in a division as stacked as his, nobody can blame him for wanting to make a name for himself. It’s clear that Tyron Woodley is the sole focus on his road to the title, with the latest detour being a showdown against the man who recently challenged Tyron for the strap.

Maia is no joke and continues to re-affirm his status as an MMA legend, but Covington is the future of this sport and all you have to do is go back and watch his stuff to realise that he’s a diamond just waiting to explode into the mainstream.

“You can expect the fast rise of Colby Covington. I’m the next UFC superstar in this business. I’m gonna take the game over, and this is gonna be my game. Mark my words, I’m gonna be the face of this fight promotion.”

From poker to pro wrestling to the fight game, the complexity of Colby’s character combined with his composed demeanour may just make him one of the most interesting men in all of MMA.

Plus, he may also be one of the most dangerous.

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