FFXIV: Square Enix Drops the Ball on Player Housing – Again

Square Enix, developers of all things Final and Fantasy, have somehow managed to bork up player housing once again – when will it end?

Square, sit down. We need to talk. This isn’t working out. It’s not us – it’s you. From the moment we set foot into the world of Eorzea, we were charmed by its residents and blown away with just how much there is to do.

But this has to stop. Maybe we’ve just had it so good for so long that we’ve become accustomed to having the best, but this debacle with player housing has got to stop.

From the moment we saw the beautiful rolling hills of the Lavender Beds, to staying up all night for the chance to buy our very own slice of Shirogane, we’ve dreamt of having a place to call home – and neighbors to share it with.

In the beginning, we let you off easy. “It’s probably very complex.” “Maybe the server architecture just isn’t there yet.” We played off any woes we had about plot availability – believing that it was only matter of time.

That time has come and gone a long time ago. What do you have when the entire server population flocks to try and stake their claim in scarcely available land? The worst kind of gold rush. Those lucky enough to get in first get their pick, and soon the haggling begins.

Those with more money than sense offered ludicrous amounts up, desperate to give anything to get a coveted slice of Eorzea. At what point do you make it clear that your game’s “feature” is nothing more than a pipe-dream for the majority of players?

You tried to fix the problem by adding the number of plots. A solution with the resulting efficacy of using a bucket to move water in a hurricane. Then, you added apartments – utterly misunderstanding the problem you had created to begin with.

We don’t want virtual spaces that are sequestered from one another in some infinite digital void, we want to be able to build a sense of community with our fellow adventurers. We want there to be more to do with our friends than just endlessly vanquish foes. Where else are we going to kick our feet up?

So please, wrangle up all of your codemonkeys and designers, and get a solution to this issue implemented. With such incredible heights reached a by a game that has literally crawled out of the grave, the persistence of the housing issue continues to damage the relationship with your community.

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