Recalling The Action: WWE SmackDown

Joel Harvey

Why, Sami? Why? After the shocking events at Hell in a Cell (and no, we’re not talking about the Ascension’s ridiculous disguises), the WWE universe is asking why Sami Zayn helped Kevin Owens in his match against Shane McMahon. Why did everyone’s favourite skanker pull KO from the announcer’s table, and let Shane-O reacquaint himself with intensive care doctors?

Sami would make it be known exactly why he did what he did: he was sick of being ignored by Shane. And probably sick of being put into a feud with Mike Kanellis (although he didn’t mention that). Zayn and KO are now finally united, lifelong friends brought back together after years of fighting each other. Awwww.

Not only does this actually make sense as a story, it might finally be the spark for Zayn’s WWE career. It’s been too long on the sidelines for him and a heel turn was exactly what his character needed. It was either that or he put the El Generico mask back on again.

As well as reacquainted friendships last night, there were new friendships being forged, too. The Uso’s offered an Use/Us’/Oos (no, we’re not sure how to spell it either) truce to the New Day after their excellent HIAC match. Which was a nice thing for Rikshi’s boys to do, he raised some good kids right there. Which is kind of crazy when you really think about it, because daddy used to run bald men over in his truck and stick his derriere in people’s faces; that’s hardly a good role model for children.

But still, The Uso’s have learned the power of respect and seemingly made themselves faces again in the process, and we guess this was inevitable. Despite their recent heel turn being the best thing to happen for the brothers, it also highlighted how great they were on the mic which meant fans started popping for them again. And as long as they don’t go back to the face-paint, this love will probably continue for the Uso lads.

For the rest of the tag team division, though, a new number one contender was needed for the titles. And so, a fatal four-way match was setup featuring: Breezango, Benjamin & Gable, Hype Bros and The Ascension. Despite Breezango getting a massive pop (everyone loves the Fashion Files), they weren’t the team to go over tonight. Benjamin & Gable picked up the win, setting up an interesting visit for The World’s Second Greatest Tag Team to the Uso’s penitentiary.

Finally, let’s bring back Luke Harper and Erick Rowan to the roster. The pair have been missing in action for sometime now on SmackDown, probably working on a great gimmick or something. Last night we found out what it was, they’re now… the Bludgeon Brothers.

They’re a tag team with big hammers. Yes, this gimmick is actually happening. May god have mercy on us all.


  • “Hell in a Cell was exactly what it was: Hell. In a cell.” The Uso’s deliver a truth bomb.
  • If Shane McMahon is in a position of power at SmackDown, why on earth does he reward Sami and KO with their own dressing rooms?
  • Baron “Jeremy” Corbin surprised everyone by beating  AJ Styles and not being made to look stupid. WWE surprised everyone too, by not switching the US title again.
  • With Bray Wyatt’s cross-dressing last night and Carmella’s continued hand-cuffing of Elsworth, we’re glad the WWE is becoming more inclusive. No kink-shaming here on SmackDown.
  • If you’re wondering who else is going to KO’s Kevin Heaven, we can exclusively reveal it’ll be: Kevin Hart, Kevin from The Office, Kevin Kline, and Kevin Keegan. And Keegan will love it in Kevin Heaven, LOVE IT!

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