Recalling The Action: WWE 205 Live

Joel Harvey

“The era of Enzo is no Amore”. Thanks to the ever-dependable Nigel McGuinness for delivering that line at the start of 205 Live last night. Except era isn’t exactly the right word for a few weeks, is it?

It certainly was an odd decision for the WWE to make Enzo drop the cruiserweight belt so quickly into his reign. It seemed like they had a good thing going with a heel Enzo running the division. And we were definitely enjoying the loudmouth from New Jersey basically feuding with every other “loserweight” on the 205 Live roster.

Yet, Kalisto turns up and the belt is turned over quicker than you can say “Lucha”. The problem with quick title changes like this is that it quickly diminishes the validity of the belt itself. And at a time when 205 Live is still a fledgling property, that’s a dangerous thing for WWE to be doing. They need consistency at the top of the division, which is exactly what they had with Neville’s title reign.

Ah, Neville – the king of the cruiserweights. But everyone’s favourite geordie (sorry, Ant and/or Dec) was conspicuous in his absence on Raw on Monday. And it was even more noticeable when he failed to appear on 205 Live, last night. You know, seeing as he’s an actual monarch over there. Sadly, rumours have been circulating since Raw that King Neville wants to abstain from his throne:

Neville leaving the WWE would be a huge¬†blow for the company. The man is absurdly talented, and his recent heel run has been fantastic for 205 Live. If it’s indeed true that he asked for a release, it also shines a spotlight on the creative issues surrounding the cruiserweight division. It was only a few months back that Austin Aries asked to be released because of his reported unhappiness at being on 205 Live. If the same is true for Neville, then things need to change-up quickly. They simply cannot afford to keep losing talented guys like Aries and Neville.

Luckily, 205 Live still has hope in the shape of wrestlers like Mustafa Ali. Ali has a crazy amount of potential, and he once again showed this in the main event last night. The WWE hopefully have big things lined up for Ali in the future. He might not be ready for a title reign yet, but if he’s used in the right way by creative then he could be the rising star the division needs. Especially if the experienced wrestlers keep bailing on the product.


  • Kalisto has his old music back, but we miss his brief foray into pumping EDM. It was reported that his previous hyped-up entrance had to go because it violated WWE’s wellness policy too many times.
  • McGuinness singing Lion King songs is our new favourite genre.
  • Drew Gulak revealed that his powerpoint presentations are available on demand on the WWE network. Subscriptions have reportedly tripled since this announcement.
  • In other Gulak news: he also claimed he was now “woke”. No, really.
  • There was no “Gentleman” Jack Gallagher, Noam Dar or Brian Kendrick last night. Please don’t let this trend continue next week, WWE.

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