F1: What Does Rosberg See in Kubica?

Former F1 World Champion may have stepped out of the driver’s seat, but the German’s aspiration remains tied to the sport and to one man in particular: Robert Kubica.

When Rosberg announced his surprise announcement at the conclusion of the 2016 season, we knew that it wouldn’t last. While the German may have hung up his hat when it comes to zipping about the track, we knew it was only a matter of time until he was back in the sport in some capacity.

The last few weeks have been all about hard work 💻📚

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That role has now been firmly defined by the World Champion himself – as both pundit and manager for comeback-star Robert Kubica.

The Kubica story has gripped the Motorsport world so tightly that it was all anyone could talk about for weeks on end. And look who’s right there in the middle of the story with the venerated Pole – Nico himself.

Nico has taken a position within the Kubica’s management team in an effort to help secure the Pole’s return to Formula 1. When the Renault deal fell apart as Carlos Sainz secured his long-coveted spot, all eyes turned to Williams – who have been rumored to be sharpening the axe they’re about to let drop on Felipe Massa.

Massa, while being brought out of a forced retirement by Williams to serve as a mentor to the young Lance Stroll, hasn’t exactly impressed all around the paddock with his performances this year. With the blazing lap times that Kubica has posted during his Renault tests, Rosberg has seen enough to know that his old rival still has what it takes:

“Robert and Lewis are the fastest I ever raced against. Therefore, I am thrilled to join forces with Robert on his journey back to racing in Formula 1.

He [Kubica] is being evaluated amongst other drivers and I’m optimistic.

It is about getting to know each other and if it fits well it will be absolutely awesome to see Kubica back on the grid and in F1.

Williams want to take the fastest-possible driver out there and this guy is seriously impressive with unbelievable speed so that is why he is being evaluated.” – Nico Rosberg

Kubica is currently going up against Scottish driver Paul di Resta, who stood in for an ill Felipe Massa at the Hungaroring. While Kubica has proven that his time out of an F1 car has not impeded his quickness, he will have his work cut out for him against di Resta, who turned in an incredibly impressive maiden voyage in the Willliams 2017 challenger.

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What happens next is anyone’s guess, but something tells us that Rosberg will stand for nothing in his attempt to get his first-backed driver into a seat come 2018.

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