Game Boy Classic: Is This Nintendo’s Next Mini Release?

Joel Harvey

We loved the Game Boy – Nintendo’s portable brick of delicious gaming goodness.

It had great games like Zelda, Mario Land, Pokémon, and That Russian Block Game. And now it seems that Nintendo could be planning to bring the original Game Boy back, as a Classic Mini.

Yes, it looks like Nintendo is already on course for another mini console release. Their NES Classic Mini last year was extremely popular, and there’s been huge interest in the freshly released SNES Classic Mini too.

All of which has prompted Ninty into action – trademark action (the best kind of action). A trademark bot account in Japan has picked up on a new trademark application from Nintendo that paves the way for a potential Game Boy Classic:

Such a move makes perfect sense for Nintendo. The Classic Mini releases have been a great way of reinventing retro consoles for a new generation; newer gamers have the joy of sampling the delights of some of Nintendo’s old-school classics for the first time. And nostalgia obsessed oldies are also happy, as they get the chance to relieve their childhood all over again. Because they refuse to grow up. Ever.

With the SNES and NES Mini both proving wildly popular with the public, it’s only a matter of time before a Game Boy Classic Mini would follow suit. But let’s not get too excited about this just yet. Although the trademark does indicate that Nintendo are protecting the Game Boy design for some kind of release, it hasn’t confirmed it’s actually happening. We might not be getting anything at all.

Despite that potential caveat though, the excitement for a Game Boy Classic is already hitting fever-pitch. Everyone is keen for this to happen, and it’d be surprising if Nintendo didn’t capitalise on it now (even if they weren’t planning to before). And imagine if they then follow this up with a N64 Classic Mini? Oh man…

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