Take That: Who’s Competing With P Diddy To Buy The NFL?

The National Football League is not for sale by any means, but don’t tell that to P-Diddy. The 47-year-old rapper with a net worth of $820 million thought about buying a franchise at one point because that’s what millionaires do. And he could really interject some life in the plummeting NFL stock.

But Diddy is thinking big…real BIG. He sent out a slew of tweets demanding that the NFL sell him the rights to the league.

Perhaps he could recruit Master P and Jay Z to become his business partners. We all know that Jay Z isn’t a businessman but a business, man.

Naturally, there will be others in the market trying to outbid Diddy for the league. Here are four other people that might have an interest in buying the NFL:

Donald Trump

This is a pretty obvious one for a few reasons. There is probably Trump wants more than to see the players who protest the national anthem to be fired. Picture this: each protester is brought into the set of The Apprentice as Trump briefly questions them for why they protested the flag.

They can plead with Trump all they want but the words “you’re fired” are inevitable.

The second reason is Trump is still unhappy with how the USFL turned out. He can give himself a shot at redemption by buying the league that forced the USFL out of business.

Bill Clinton

This is an odd one, right? Clinton is a sports guy but that’s not why he’s trying to buy the league.

No, he wants it only to look at the cheerleaders. But the master plan is to merge the league with the Lingerie football league and fire all the male players.

John Gruden

There is not a soul on earth who loves football more than John Gruden. The man wakes up, eats, breaths, and sleeps football constantly.

Imagine him starting off every press conference or draft pick announcement with his signature “I’ll tell ya what man…”

Gruden would be the best thing that could happen to the NFL. He’s a straight-shooter who knows the game inside and out. And being a straight shooter means we wouldn’t wait an entire year for the deflate-gate to be solved or any other B.S. issue with the league.

Brett Favre/Terrell Owens

Favre and Owens are going to strike up a joint partnership so that they can buy the NFL. The only reason for this decision is so they can form a new team where Farve will be the quarterback/coach and T.O. will be the first-string receiver.

Both of these guys hate retirement and since no team in the league is signing them, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Is the idea too lucrative for both their bank accounts? Probably. But ball is life. And these guys need to show these youngins that that the old heads can still ball out.

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