Why Does Tyson Fury Persist With Disappointing His Fans?

Why does Tyson Fury do it? Constant mixed messages over social media which contradict everything he represents in public; two years on from *that* victory over Wladimir Klitschko, Fury has only raised hopes of his fans, and then dropped them like a hat as you see the former heavyweight champion look like he should be nearer a hospital than a boxing ring.

Fury has now once again got his fans talking by announcing that he will fight on three occasions in 2018; we’re sorry Tyson, but no ones buying that:

The problem with Fury constantly chopping and changing from not applying for a boxing licence, to then announcing a return to the ring is that he’s losing his fan base. The core group of supporters – and there’s a lot of them – that have kept Tyson honest, well, as honest as possible, by standing in his corner for a tough couple of years is what’s kept him in the media.

Fury has remained a figure in the press, and people will listen to him because he has such a following. Without looking at things in too much of a shallow viewpoint, Fury’s following over social media blows other heavyweights out the water in terms of popularity. The Manchester-born fighter’s 711K fans on Twitter easily trumps Deontay Wilder’s, 196K, Joseph Parker’s, 51K and Tony Bellew’s, 419K.

Of course, a large amount of them will be taking pity on Fury, as there isn’t quite a boxer like him who receives as much hate; but, a lot of them are huge fans of Fury, and he’s constantly disappointing them by turning up to nightclubs in a state which is nowhere near ready for the boxing ring:

If Fury really wants to return to the ring, and keep those who have been loyal to him over the last few years, he needs more action in getting in shape than posting mixed messages over social media.

The 29-year-old – remarkable he’s only that young – still has years left in him to turn it around, and with a fan following like him, there’s plenty out there he can continue to impress if he follows through on these Twitter posts.

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