WATCH: Uzi Thrills The Chinese Crowd After Unveiling His Legendary Vayne Pick

Despite having six AD carry bans aimed in his direction, Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao brought out the Vayne to take down 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports.

The veteran Chinese ADC has played Vayne every single Worlds he’s competed in, apart from 2016. Today he continued the trend, with every kill making the crowd scream in excitement.

An early 2v2 looked like it could get rough, as his support, Shi “Ming” Sen Ming, left Uzi without a partner in lane. Liu “mlxg” Shi Yu jumped to the AD carry’s aid and succeeded in trading back a kill for Vayne.

After the initial scare, Royal Never Give Up never looked troubled, sticking to the plan: protect Uzi’s Vayne.

Uzi made a name for himself as the best AD carry in the world during the Season 3 World Championship as his team, Royal Club, made it to the final against SK Telecom T1. As a 17 year old he certainly made his mark.

He was deadly on everything, especially his Vayne – specifically one play – turned heads all around the world.

This team fight highlights exactly what Uzi is known for and best at, raw mechanics. Before this moment he was known as the greatest ADC in the world; after it, he was anointed as a ‘god’.

Back in the days of Season 3, with absolutely zero protection, Uzi runs head on into the OMG squad, maximising Vayne’s potential to reach near perfection, kiting OMG with ease to clinch the game-winning team-fight.

The Vayne pick ultimately paid dividends once more for RNG, protected by all four members of the Chinese team with the ability to cut down the two opposing tanks of 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports – whether it’s a strategy that the tournament hopefuls will employ again however, seems unlikely.

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