The Masterpiece: Exclusive Interview With Chris Masters

There have certainly been some imposing figures in the WWE over the course of the last few decades, but none struck a chord quite as quickly as the one and only Chris Masters.

Masters, who was known as The Masterpiece throughout his run courtesy of his phenomenal physique, was one of the most intimidating new faces to enter the fray on the main roster in quite some time. He had the look, he had the intimidation factor – and soon enough he’d have the in-ring abilities to back it up.

“I didn’t even start working out until I decided I was gonna be a pro wrestler, and that was probably around 15 or 16. I remember that the year prior to that I had weightlifting class during first period, and I was just sat there wondering why these guys were trying to lift these heavy weights, like what’s the point?”

We recently spoke to Chris, who now goes by the name of Chris Adonis over in Impact Wrestling, and despite everything we’ve said up to this point he couldn’t have been a nicer guy. From start to finish he came across as well spoken, extremely passionate about the business, and had some interesting insights into this crazy world of professional wrestling.

Back in the day, Masters was thrust into the spotlight in a big way, with names like John Cena and Shawn Michaels being thrown at him within the first few months of his time on Raw. As a wrestling super fan, this was his dream ever since he was a young kid, which isn’t something you may have gathered straight off the bat.

But aside from the squared circle, there’s much more to Masters than meets the eye. He has a deep love of politics which, naturally, brings with it some notable views on President Trump, and the 34-year-old also enjoys a spot of basketball.

“I was the wrestling nerd throughout that time. I played water polo, which a lot of people don’t take seriously, but it’s a tough sport. I was backyard wrestling when I was a kid, and I’ve been obsessed with this for my entire life.”

Now we all know it isn’t exactly like being at Disneyland 24/7 when you enter this industry, and the same has been true for Chris. With numerous frustrations to deal with, we wouldn’t have been surprised if he decided to walk away from the business altogether, but there truly is no quit in this guy.

He’s fought back after a frustrating few years and now, in the prime of his career, is positioned prominently on GFW programming. It’s a position that few would’ve foreseen, if only because there was a time when he would’ve been considered a future top dog for World Wrestling Entertainment.

“I love politics. I have a very passionate interest about politics and social interests. I’m fascinated by that whole process, and I also love basketball. That’s probably what I used to replace wrestling, and I was searching for something else to watch because you’re so ‘in’ the wrestling world sometimes.”

Whichever way you look at it this is a success story that should be repeated to every single prospective wrestler of any age, as it proves that persistence is the key to making that breakthrough. Masters had obstacles, but he was able to mow straight through them on his way to the top.

Personally, we can’t wait to see where this current journey takes him.

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