WATCH: G2 eSports End Their Worlds Campaign With One Final Battle Cry

If this is the last time we see this glorious iteration of the G2 eSports take to a competitive stage, then at least they went out in style.

Tears were shed and voices cracked as G2 eSports took their leave from the 2017 World Championship stage in Wuhan for the final time.

In the end, their dramatic victory over 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports was of no consequence, after an earlier defeat to Samsung Galaxy had already booked the Korean’s place in the quarterfinals in place of Europe’s number one seed.

In a fitting send-off, Luka “PerkZ” Perković delivered on the promise he made at the beginning of the split, unveiling Yasuo to solidify his status as a fan favourite.

As the game concluded with one final teamfight, PerkZ and his fellow teammates released one final cry of emotion, charging into their final battle together:

Though the tournament ended in disappointment, G2 eSports can return home with their heads held high, taking Samsung Galaxy down to the wire for a place in the quarterfinals.

In a different group, perhaps things would have panned out differently – G2 eSports showed the had all the makings of a top-tier competitor.

Such is the luck of the draw – or rather G2’s lack of – that the European’s potential has not been realised yet again.

“I think we were so close and it just… sucks.

“I mean it’s true that it doesn’t really matter, whether you lose in a harder group or you make it out of an easy group just to get stomped in the quarters.

“I think we could have made it in this group, our first game against RNG was winnable and the second game against Samsung was winnable.

“I’m really grateful for all the support this year, it was a much better year than last year, but I also can’t but feel that I let you guys down, so I’m also sorry – but thank you.”

Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen

Source: Riot Games Flickr

European fans can only hope that the G2 eSports roster does not lose its iconic members ahead of the start of the 2018 Spring Split.

With a turbulent off-season on the horizon, the tears of Zven and PerkZ may be the final images of the G2 eSports roster that has dominated the European and western scenes for over a year.

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