Plain Jane: Roger Goodell’s Wife Exposed As Twitter Troll

The former host of Fox News’ “Skinnerville” has been uncovered by the Wall Street Journal to have had a fake Twitter account to defend her husband. She said in a statement that she did it “out of love.”

Roger Goodell’s wife retired from working with Fox news in 2010 saying that she was ready to spend some more time with her family. Goodell’s salary ballooned after 2010 to almost 4 times what he was making previously.

Jane took aim at Seth Wickersham, Senior reporter at ESPN the Magazine, and Jason Gay, a Wall Street Journal columnist, among 14 others. Her tweets were far from offensive, although her handle of @forargument, may have slightly suggested otherwise. Maybe the most offensive tweet was when she asked Jason Gay “Why everyone is so immature? (Including you?)” when he posted a pic of Goodell with a few fans.

The proper capitalization and punctuation must have given her away. All of the tweets and the account have been deleted since.

If the Wall Street Journal hadn’t sniffed out Jane, she could be still out there, lurking in the dark shadows of the Twitterverse, ready to pounce, delicately and with proper syntax, on the next flaming accusation towards her pariah husband.

Then again, Goodell has not been popular in years, and the recent tweets by Trump have made a fan base that most likely stood by him in the past turn on him now. It’s understandable why Jane Goodell would have taken the time to create a fake Twitter to vent her frustration during such divisive times.

Her tweets were mostly soft jabs at journalists that she, before she retired, would have considered colleagues and adversaries. If she has made a backhanded comment like her recent tweets on Fox News Live, or Sunday Best, it would have received little if any fanfare except from those permanently poised on the left side of the fence.

Even if she would have said these things that she tweeted in public, most likely little would have come of it. But the deceit of the fake Twitter account is more the story than what was said.

Her public statement was maybe the most damning though. She put a twist on her statement during her “public apology.” In fact, she never really apologized at all, but rather threw in yet another jab to the people she was trolling. “As a former media member, I’m always bothered when the coverage doesn’t provide a complete and accurate picture of a story.”

She ended by saying she “may not use Twitter” in the future. It kind of made it sound like Jane may do it again.

Defense against any of your loved ones is certainly understandable, but using deceit to do so and then taking an extra jab after getting caught seems more than petty. Jane Goodell just keeps on trolling.

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