Sistine Stallone: Sly Stallone’s Model Daughter Shows Off Her Golf Skills

“Yo Adrian, get your clubs. We’re hitting the golf course!” – A retired Rocky Balboa

Sylvester Stallone, or as most movie fans know as Rocky, has been enjoying the fruits of his labor now that his acting career is slowed down. He hasn’t slowed down too much though, as he is in the process of filming Creed 2 and was thinking of doing another Rambo movie. That idea has since been scratched.

It’s funny to think about Stallone on the golf course and not in the weight room training for another action film. On the contrary, Sly is a pretty good golfer. His game is pretty average these days but back in 2007, Stallone had an 11.4 handicap according to Golf Digest.

And Sly doesn’t have a bad swing from the looks of it. Nice sound at the point of contact as well. It’s still very different seeing him wield a golf club instead of dancing around a ring.

Currently, Stallone resides in Beverly Hills, California with his wife Jennifer Flavin Stallone. The two had three daughters together, Sistine, Sophia, and Scarlet Stallone.

It has become a trend in the Stallone household where Sly will film his daughters, either (playfully) embarrassing them or embarrassing himself and then uploading those videos to Instagram.

On Wednesday, Sly tried to taunt Sistine by telling her she wasn’t able to swing a golf club like the old man does. That plan blew up in Sly’s face very quickly.

Now that may not have been the perfect shot but given her attire, it’s pretty good. Sistine shows some true potential in the swing with a near perfect takeaway and followthrough. If she went to the range a couple times a week she may be able to really show up Sly on the course.

Note the club toss by Sistine that mirrors a Jose Bautista bat-flip. A power move on her part nonetheless.

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