Drive For Show: Tiger Woods Bombs A Long One For The Fans

Tiger Woods has teased the golf world mightly over the last couple weeks. It all started with his bluff at the Presidents Cup, when he admitted that he could imagine a world where he doesn’t return to professional golf.

He followed that up by showing us his ’60-yard iron shots’ with the caption: Smooth iron shots. And boy, wasn’t that a smooth-looking stroke by Woods.

A 3/4 swing from Woods was definitely a sign of progress, but it wasn’t enough to make the fans go berserk. Not long after that, Woods broke out the full swing we’ve waited for. And topped it off with his signature club twirl.

If Woods’ club twirl could speak it would simply say: “I know something you don’t know yet.” That second video of Woods’  swing proved that there really was something left in the tank.

But Woods dropped an atom bomb on the social-media universe with a video of him crushing a driver off the tee.

Woods takes a very healthy hack at this ball and the sound is as pure as can be. It’s no coincidence that Woods is sporting his signature red shirt and black pants shorts when he posted this on Sunday.

The 14-time major champion has not given any further updates on his website regarding his health. The last blog post he submitted came just before the Presidents Cup when he discussed a myriad of things including his health.

“I’m feeling good, strong and doing really well,” Woods wrote. “About my most recent surgery, it’s nice not to live in pain anymore. I’m sleeping better because I don’t have any nerve pain going down my leg. It makes a world of difference.”

One update we haven’t seen is his putting stroke. The stroke itself probably hasn’t changed but apparently, Tiger has been getting in a lot of practice in and around the greens. And he’s challenged himself by bringing guys like Rickie Fowler and Justin Thomas over to putt with him.

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