“I’m Still Not Going To Work Out”: Pat Perez Delivers Victory Speech Of The Year

Pat Perez dethroned Justin Thomas at the CIMB Classic for his third win on the PGA Tour. More than just his stellar round at the tournament, the dude is 41 years old and more relatable than Jordan Spieth.

Perez wowed the crowd this weekend with his scoring, carding an opening 66 with a 65 to follow the next day, only to close out with a 64 and 69. Perez has been pretty quiet on Tour but maybe his new sponsors have given him the confidence he needs.

With a Daly-esque attitude, Nike shoes, PXG clubs, and a Billy Murray clothing line, Perez has started something special. Listen to these fans yell something other than “mashed potatoes” as he tees off.

… @patperezgolf is up to something. 🎶🔊

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“Jumpman, jumpman, jumpman!!” You can’t tell me that’s not hype AF!

But it gets better, not only did Perez perform on the course, his victory speech after winning the damn thing overshadowed it all.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

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Hey, if it whatever he’s doing now worked to get him this win, then why would he change anything? He’s still not going to work out, he’s not going to change his diet, and he’s going to freakin’ enjoy himself. More power to him! The guy has the Bill Murray club toss stamped on his shoulder, so you should expect nothing less.

This resurgence of Pat Perez is as unexpected as it is amazing. Who would have thought that a man who has had their Tour card for two decades would not only come back and win but be relatable to an audience half his age.

PXG is becoming a brand that harbors stellar players along with some great personalities changing the face of golf. If Paige Spiranac goes back on Tour and crushes it for the women, then there really is no stopping them.

In an era full of Spieth’s and Thomas’s, let’s be thankful for the rising of Pat Perez. The goofy golfer we didn’t know we needed.

Current mood.

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