“So Boring”: Little Girl Roasts Golf In Hilarious Instagram Video

We all know the internet is full of endless crap, but sometimes you find a needle of perfection in a stack of BS hay. That’s exactly what we’ve found in this video of a little girl roasting the game of golf.

It’s probably this little girl knows next to nothing about golf and may be reading lines from whichever parent takes these videos, but it’s still hilarious to see basically a baby hashing out all the stereotypes the game doesn’t want to be associated with.

Here it is:

That last diss is priceless, she even looks pretty upset about the fact that golf has the smallest ball of any sport.

Peep GolfBalled’s caption: “She already has wifey logic at such a young age”. This feeds in to the aspect of the game where most men are chided by their wives to do more with their lives than play golf, like spend time with their families. Although not every wife is like that, it happens enough.

In this case, the lil’ cutie is talking to her Papa on Facetime discussing their next visit. Here’s the original video of the two going back and forth about golf:

This little back and forth between generations is too good to be true.

You’ve probably seen Mila before when another Instagramer added commentary to one of her videos. She was talking about how her mom made her go to preschool and she was not having it:

And another one:

His commentary only adds to the hilarity of her two-year-old problems, making them the perfect duo. She is definitely wise beyond her years!

In today’s day and age it’s easy to get lost in the piles of videos uploaded to Instagram, but hopefully you got some laughs out of this little girl Mila roasting her papa and golf over Facetime.

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