Back To The Future: Everything Will Change When Tiger Woods Comes Back

Tiger Woods is officially cleared to resume all golf activities according to his agent Mark Steinberg.

“Tiger met with his doctor last week and got a good report saying he can proceed down the path to continue to hit golf balls with no restrictions,” Steinberg told the Golf Channel. “He’s going to take that news with enthusiasm but caution as well.”

Steinberg couldn’t confirm if Woods has played a full round yet. It would appear, from the videos Woods has posted on Twitter and Instagram, that Woods is progressing fairly quickly. He went from only chipping and putting in August to hitting full-swing driver shots off the tee in early October.

Woods’ former swing coach chimed in on social media after seeing ‘the tee shot heard round the internet’ on Sunday. Woods won six majors in six years while under Haney’s guidance. So Haney knows exactly what a championship swing looks like, and this is one of them:

Haney is right that the swing looks a bit stiff as Woods appears to be protecting his lower back – that, of course, is where he had spinal fusion surgery in April. Haney, like many golf analysts, probably still wonder if his body can sustain a golf swing over a full season. Even if Woods decides to only play in the four majors and a few select tournaments.

Steinberg didn’t want to address when and where Woods will play to start the 2018 PGA Tour season.

“We aren’t even discussing that,” Steinberg said. “He’s told me he’s going to take it very, very slowly.”

They don’t have to discuss it….but we will. There are three things that can (and probably will) happen when Woods makes his comeback to golf.

Golf will be back to its peak when Woods reemerges. Fans love what they see in Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, and Dustin Johnson. But they want more, they feel they deserve one more chance to see Tiger Woods play. He’s some miles left on him, so let’s ride it out until the wheels lose their tread.

There are three things that can (and probably will) happen when Woods makes his comeback to golf.

The Hype

As soon as the news hits the internet that Tiger Woods is officially back there will be a media frenzy like we haven’t seen in a while. It’s going to reach the level of hype that we saw when LeBron James returned to Cleveland in July of 2014. Golf Channel and ESPN will salivate at this news and will likely provide 24/7 coverage of this news by bringing on hoards of analysts from around the globe for insight.

We’ve seen little spurts of that already on the internet with Woods’ videos, especially his most recent one. He’s literally breaking the internet with one ‘making progress’ video at a time.

The Crowds

In a perfect world, Woods will make his return to golf’s biggest stage…The Masters. The crowds will be the largest in tournament history. Go ahead and make note of that for when the Masters rolls around in 2018 and Woods is hopefully present for it.

Woods still received the most coverage and had the biggest groups despite what the leaderboard says. People just want to watch Tiger Woods in person.

The Possible Disappointment

We didn’t want to have to go here but it’s realistic that there will be some disappointment. And this disappointment can be a myriad of things. He may get injured again, that would be unfortunate. He may not make as many cuts when he comes back…also dissatisfying. Maybe Woods decides that it is a time to actually retire, which would be a day we all dread (but it’s inevitable).

Woods wouldn’t be showing these videos to people if he wasn’t interested in coming back. It’s likely he has a date and time that he would like to reemerge to the game and that day may be soon…very soon.

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