“25 Years Of Scars”: Jim Furyk Says US Team Still Has Something To Prove At 2018 Ryder Cup

Today marks exactly a year before the next Ryder Cup commences, this time on European soil in France at Le Golf National. Of course, the powers that be granted us commoners a press conference, so we can see what the Captains have to say.

US Ryder Cup Captain Jim Furyk was not as gung-ho about his team as you might have expected. No, instead, Furyk cast a shadow over the fortunes of the US saying, “We have 25 years of scars to overcome.”

True, the US hasn’t won in an away match since 1993. But he added:

“That being said, I will have a lot of young talent on my team and I’m anxious to see how they handle that challenge.

“Europe has handled those away matches far better in the last 25 years than we have. We might have to take a page from their book and try to figure it out.

“Hopefully the young guys will react a little better than we have in the past. They are a tight-knit group and it’s been fun that they’ve sparked some energy, not only on the golf course but in the team room.”

The US Ryder Cup team has been chided by competitors in the past, saying that the camaraderie on the European Team completely surpasses that of the Americans, but this is a new team. While players like Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and even Jim Furyk himself, didn’t favor each other off the course, this young new squad is the complete opposite.

That may not go for everyone, but like we saw at last year’s Ryder Cup and this year’s Presidents Cup, strong bonds have been forming between players. So while they may have been less locker room friendly in the past, it seems as though the US may have caught up to the European’s affection.

As for Tiger Woods, Furyk hopes to have him involved, in any capacity that Woods deems fit. Even if he doesn’t make his return to the course, he is clearly an asset as a coach, as Furyk witnessed first hand.

“We don’t know when he’ll be healthy and return to competitive golf but I will say that Tiger Woods is a great resource and would be welcome in the team, whether as a player or back as vice-captain. He’s been a great person to have in that team room so hopefully will be part of that team.”

European Captain Thomas Bjorn, on the other hand, has fire in his veins as he still boils over the loss at Hazeltine. This was his first loss after three wins as a player and three as vice-captain.

“Those Sunday nights when we’ve won Ryder Cups are some of the moments I will treasure the most in my life,” Bjorn said.

“It motivates you but just winning motivates you. I will do everything in (my) power to deliver a team that can win the Ryder Cup.”

It seems as though we’ll have another great battle on our hands at the 2018 Ryder Cup. A year can’t fly by fast enough.

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