Recalling The Action: WWE SmackDown

Joel Harvey

Welcome home, Daniel Bryan. It must always be nice to come back to your home town and see a packed crowd in an arena chanting your name. Well, maybe if you don’t look at one side of the arena anyway. But despite recent low attendances for WWE, we’re very much enjoying the main storyline on SmackDown at the moment – the Sami Zayn heel turn.

We’ve been big advocates of this heel turn as it really adds an edge to Zayn’s character, but it also holds up to scrutiny, too. Sure, he’s still blatantly a nice guy; you only need to look at his face (just look at his face!) to understand this.

Zayn has niceness running through his ginger beard. But the fact that he’s spent his entire WWE career as a good guy and not achieved much, means you can buy into this sudden character change. And you can certainly buy into his friendship with Kevin Owens, too, seeing as we all know they genuinely are the very best of BFFs.

KevInZayn (if that’s not what they’re being called, we’re cancelling our subscription) won their tag team match against Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura in last night’s main event. And we’re hoping this could be an indication of future feuds for these four men. New rivalries like these would freshen things up on SmackDown, and we’re always down for a Zayn/Nakamura bout any day of the week. If these two guys start going at it again on a regular basis, we could have some possible match of the year candidates in the making.

Who’s also keen on having a match of the year nomination? Why it’s none other than much-loved champion, Jinder Mahal. He made an announcement where he challenged Brock Lesnar to a fight at Survivor Series. Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you – the potential main-event for one of WWE’s four big pay-per-views is the ex-3MB member taking on “The Beast”. Lesnar was squashed by Goldberg at Survivor Series last year; what if the same thing happened again, this time at the hands of modern-day Maharajah? Oh boy, the WWE universe would probably implode in on itself.

We also got the debut of Pulp Fashion last night, the latest Tarantino-flavoured installment of the Fashion Files:

Apparently, Breezango’s on-going skit doesn’t go down too well with some of the top brass at WWE (we see you, Vince). But for the rest of us, we still love it. And anyone who can insert a parody of a heroin overdose into PG-era WWE television, is doing just fine as far as we’re concerned. Fashion Files four assemble!

Oh, and we can’t forget that we saw another vignette of the Big Hammer Boys. Sorry, we mean: The Bludgeon Brothers.

And who exactly is their daddy? If it doesn’t turn out to be Greg “The Hammer” Valentine, then we’re going to be severely disappointed.


  • What is the thinnest excuse they could think of for Tom Phillips being replaced by Michael Cole? Phillips is “on assignment” for a couple of weeks. What is he, a junior reporter at a local news station?
  • Sami Zayn retains his jaunty ska music as an entrance, which actually succeeds in making him more of an unlikable heel.
  • WWE unleashes their ultimate ‘sell more tickets’ offensive yet – they’re pushing Sin Cara.
  • “We’re gonna rap you up”. Chad Gable freestylin’ is our new favourite jam.
  • Rusev Day is a national holiday. If your work-place doesn’t recognise this, you can report them for discrimination.
  • Every SmackDown show should now end with KO telling Zayn: “Hug me! Hold me tight!”. It warms our heart.

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