Recalling The Action: WWE 205 Live

Joel Harvey

How do you solve a problem like 205 Live? It’s a question that’s undoubtedly been asked a number of times this year. The brand has been on a spluttering run since its formation off the back of the well-received Crusierweight Classic. And as the show approaches a milestone in its first birthday, it certainly needs fresh gusto if it’s going to survive for another year.

Perhaps the heel version of Enzo Amore could be that gusto. Or should that be: gustzo? No. No it shouldn’t be gustzo, it should never be gustzo. You can love him or hate him, but you can’t deny that Amore has reignited the interest of the brand since his move from Raw. A feud with Neville should’ve been the rivalry to finally get the show over, but as we all know, King Neville is currently delicately hovering over the abdicate button. So, can an Amore/Kalisto feud deliver the goods that 205 Live so desperately needs? The jury’s still out.

Their tag match last night saw them partnering up with Mustafa Ali and Davari DeNiro (which isn’t yet his name but mark our words, it will be), with Kalisto and Ali picking up the win. The post-match attack by Kalisto appears to be an attempt to sell him as more of an aggressive wrestler, but we ain’t buying this.

We like Kalisto, but the fact of the matter is this: he simply isn’t the guy that Amore should be feuding with. It needs to be Neville. Whatever the WWE are offering Neville to stay with the company, they need to double it. 205 Live needs Neville, much more than Neville needs 205 Live at the moment.

Another recent heel turn has offered a fresh chance, as well as fresh ring attire, for a wrestler. Yes, we’re talking about Gentleman Jack Gallagher who’s ditched his funny trunks and now wrestles in a three-piece suit.

Now, we’re not biased here because we’re English, but Gallagher is an incredible talent. His performances on the indie circuit, and his run on the Cruiserweight Classic, have highlighted just how good he is. Yet, he managed to stall on 205 Live as a baby-face. His recent switch to heel,  and his alignment to The Brian Kendrick, can only be a good thing for Gallagher. And we’re quite enjoying their feud with Cedric Alexander and Rich Swann. Sure, it might be filler but for these four skillful guys, filler is better than nothing at all.

And finally, we were buzzed last night to learn what the pay-per-view event of the year will be. Because this Sunday, at TLC, we will get to witness part 10 of Drew Gulak’s PowerPoint presentation!

Who knew that PowerPoint would be the Microsoft application that would get over in the WWE? We had our money on Ex-pac-cel. Ex-pac… no? Forget it.


  • Amore dissed Seattle with a timely burn on grunge fashion. Timely, that is, if the year was 1994.
  • Every iteration of Drew Gulak’s entrance music so far in the WWE has sounded like boss music on a 16-bit video game.
  • In other Gulak news: he revealed that he is our father. Look into your heart, you know it to be true.
  • Kalisto did a pre-recorded promo where he referenced events that happened at the start of the show. K-k-k-kayfabe breaker!!!

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