Doing Sweet FA: Eni Aluko & Drew Spence Offered Apologies

The English Football Association have taken so long to get their head out of the sand, that the fact they’ve only now just apologised to Eni Aluko and Drew Spence over comments from former England Lionesses boss, Mark Sampson, you’d imagine there’s already something else that they should be apologising for now.

The admiration for Eni Aluko should be huge; the Chelsea striker, and last season’s WSL top goalscorer, stood her ground, and at a personal cost – loss of her place within the international set-up – and forced the truth out.

The whole saga, in true corporate bigwig style, has been a farce from start to finish from the Football Association; a classic tale of jobs for boys, with snowy white peaks, looking to cover themselves rather than protecting the sport.

“(Sampson) did treat EA less favourably than he would have treated player who was not of African descent”

Katharine Newton

The revelations from Katharine Newton’s report make Sampson’s comments seem almost incidental in the grand scheme of things.

You’ve got Martin Glenn, FA chief executive, inviting Aluko to a recent meeting to try and cut a deal over the already owed ‘hush money’.That deal, Aluko says, was she either put out a statement confirming the FA was “not institutionally racist” – or she lost her money.

Right, so that’s blackmail.

Then there’s Greg Clarke’s, chairman of the Football Association, email reply to the Professional Footballers’ Association, after receiving a six-page document from the detailing Aluko’s complaint.

“I’ve no idea why you are sending me this. Perhaps you could enlighten me?”

– Greg Clarke

Yet again, the English FA have been shown to be unprofessional, disrespectful and dismissive in their attitude. And you have to wonder had this been Ashley Cole of 107 caps – just five more than Aluko’s 102 England appearances – whether the FA would’ve be so nonchalant about the whole situation.

It must be said, though, it’s really weird that the independent investigation concluded Sampson racially abused Eni Aluko when Matthew Syed’s thorough investigation said he didn’t…

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